Sunday, 20 May 2012

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Thank god there are no tests for Business Management and Organizational Behaviour but we have to do projects in return. I would rather do projects!

I cannot catch up with Business Statistics
I have signed up for peer tutoring but I still feel insecure. Anyone wanna teach me? I don't mind paying tuition fee if you can teach well.

I am in BA envoys!
Face of BA. Hahaha I'm so happy because my classmates, Xinwei and Daren are in BA envoys too! :D I can't wait to participate in BA events!!!

I'm joining dragonboat
Stop giving me the stare. My friends thought I was joking when I told them about it.
"You don't look sporty"
"I thought you would join something more refined like strings club"
"You look like those kind who would melt under the hot sun"
And a lot more............
Honestly, I'm afraid of getting suntanned and I'm searching for ways to prevent it. I have tried googling it but there are no ways to prevent it! My friend told me to try milk bath but where to do it in Singapore? Please leave me a comment if you know :)

I am finally going to USA after common tests! :D :D :D
You have no idea how much I love Disney! (My dogs still come first)

I love my dogs
I can't spend a lot of time with them now because of projects, tests, etc. I think Zegna is mad at me. Don't ask me how I know. I feel it. I brought them out for a walk yesterday. Zegna is making good progress, though slow. My domestic helper and I will never give up :)
Buddy walked around half of the estate. We went to visit some of the dogs and it was nice and lovely seeing all the dogs :)

ZEGNA KOH!!! ♥♥♥

Hehe sleepyhead

Teehee! Zegna hates to pompom, that explains her sad expression :P

Here comes the happy Zegna!!! :D
She gets into this position every time I touch her stomach because she wants me to scratch and tickle :P

Disturbing my Zegna when she wanna sleep!!!

Hehehehehehehehehehe my darling honey sexy cutie pie ZEGNA KOH!!! ♥

Hahaha my darling yawning!!!

And now...........

BUDDY KOH!!! ♥♥♥

A dear innocent picture of this baby!

Enjoying his treat :)

He's always so happy when I'm home!!!!!!!!!! Look at this excited boy!!!!!!! :P

His favorite pose :P

And Reiko!!!!! :D

Yup so I have gathered more pictures from my instagram :)

Shangrila Hotel for relative's wedding dinner. He was my tutor in primary school too! I bought my dress from Forever21 online :)

During lecture... Hiding from lecturer because I was talking to Xinwei and Claudia

Nutella ice cream from Between Chapters!!!

Dad bought chocolates from Hong Kong/Macau! SGD $400 -.-

My classmate, Shimin, taught me how to draw Pikachu but Delia says it looks like peanut. Guess I'm not so artistic. Hahaha.

A picture of sunset... I love sunset :)

I don't think I would be blogging anytime soon so haha yup follow me on twitter and instagram ;)

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