Saturday, 8 September 2012

My whole body is burning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad it's holiday now though kinda boring...... but it's better than reading all the lecture notes, doing tutorials and projects and get stress over school stuff. I still have training every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and I think I'm getting used to this kind of timetable.

Though it's holiday, I haven't been meeting many friends and I really miss them Nicea, Gwenlyn, Vincent, Stanford, Aloysius, Lauren, my NPCC squad mates, Rachel, Sandy, Nicole, Zi Hui........ but everyone's so busy with work/A levels or our schedule would clash. Looking forward to supper with Nicea, Gwen, Vincent, Stanford and Aloysius!

Few days ago, I took Zegna and Buddy out for a walk. Zegna is making progress but she still doesn't like going out for a walk. She prefers to play fetch at home! Buddy loves walking and he's so handsome and confident when he walks!

Tired me after the walk because I have to bring Zegna out first then Buddy's turn

Was feeling bored last night so I decorated my bottle. The ink faded after rowing session at kallang today. I need some super markers.
Z is Zegna
B is Buddy

This was taken on Thursday morning when I was having breakfast at The Club @ Marina Bay Sands. The haze was soooooo bad I had to skip my red camp interview and land training because the haze gave me headache and I was having a bad flu

After rowing, I was walking out to the bus stop with Faith and I can't stop singing chinese oldies! I feel old but I feel very happy with I listen and sing chinese oldies! At the bus stop, I met two aunties and one uncle and we talked about chinese oldies!

They are very friendly and we talked about a lot of stuff and it was a great laughing session and I feel good when I make others smile or laugh :)

Haha megan took this picture

Here's a picture of my baby Zegna Koh! She jumped on the table and ate the rojak my helper made for me this afternoon and I was so angry I took out the cane and when I tried to scare her, she growled at me because she was pissed.

Which makes me even angrier because she's in the wrong, not me!

I refused to touch/talk to her but after I showered, I went down and patch things up with her HAHA

My domestic helper is going back to Indonesia and I went to Katong Shopping Centre with mum to choose a new helper. I told the agent to tell the helper that she must be okay with big dogs and she cannot abuse dogs!

If my dogs are naughty such as biting stuff (only buddy would that, zegna won't) etc, she should tell me and I will "punish" them (no I won't abuse them of course) and she should not hit them unless a slight piak at their butts...

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