Monday, 8 October 2012

What is life

Hello hello hello hello hello hello hahaha ok hello :)
Omg haven't been blogging for few weeks and I feel so weird!!!!! I don't think anyone would read this dead space now...

My life is so freaking....... *sigh* I always tell my friends to get a life because they have none but I'm in no position to say this now because I HAVE NO LIFE. I wanted to spend my holiday in Marina Bay Sands, trying out all the restaurants I've never been to, meet up with my friends, spend more time with my family and dogs, but it's filled with trainings. Joining dragon boat really makes me cherish my time and people around me. I've been trying to squeeze out some time for my family and dogs because they are my priorities in life. For this month, dragon boat is my priority.

Anyway in september/october :
marina bay sands CUT by Wolfgang Puck for dinner
marina bay sands Osteria Pizza for dinner
marina bay sands  The Club for high tea
trainings in school and kallang
training camp (blk 50/rifle range road)
slacked with my cousin in her room
watched videos on youtube and clicknetworktv
ate smelly beans
strictly pancakes with my best friend xinwei
little pancakes with geraldine and liying
wedding dinner at swissotel
2 blisters and there are blisters within the blisters #blisterception
went for helm accreditation scheme conducted by SDBA
took the coxing practical test (first time coxing and I passed?)
james' Passing Out Parade at marina bay floating platform
i still love watching military parade
slept in the kitchen with my dogs
accompanied my mum to chinatown to the acupressure centre
so tired, hungry and sleepy everyday
my appetite is soooooooo BIG now
i ate 30 sushi at ichiban sushi and i was still hungry
ate 18 sushi at umi sushi
hong kong drama hippocratic crush (on call 36 hours) is one super awesome and meaningful show
love story - taylor swift
i'm still very very very super in love with disney
new semester new class TB05
skin tone color is so ugly now
met the year 1 guys at scape for lunch, hayden's birthday
i love my mum
i love my dogs
i love my dad
i love my friends
i love everything i have now
and i don't know what i'm typing already
there's pictures below

Few pictures from my instagram. Follow me @zegnabuddy :)

Sister went to for a 6 days exchange program in Hong Kong and she bought a baby pink bag and a necklace for me.

Love the necklace because of the dog's paw prints!

Sunrise before going for training at kallang

Big Bang's concert in Singapore
AND I DIDN'T GET TO GO because I was broke. My wallet dropped into the Singapore River and I still can't get over it!!!!! And I also don't like to pay to squeeze. No chance to meet T.O.P and seungri :'(
Why can't they just stay in marina bay sands instead of grand copthorne hotel?!?!?!?!?! My plan was to camp at the VIP lobby and the gym.

Training camp #1

Training camp #2
Before going to the wedding dinner at swissotel. I wanted to wear a simple baby pink dress because it's comfy and I was too lazy to dress up but mum complained it wasn't elegant enough.

Wind @ my cousin's house, what a dear :)

School starts next week and obviously I'm not looking forward to it. Polytechnic life is really no joke. Once my GPA is bad, I don't have the motivation to attend lectures anymore. On the brighter side, my GPA is above 3.0 so I still can try to save it. I'm not aiming a high GPA like 3.8 and above but I just want it to be above 3.0 ahhhh god please bless me...

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