Monday, 15 October 2012



I hate studying polytechnic stuff but who cares if you like it or not, they just wanna see how well you do so just suck thumb and get over it. I wasn't feeling motivated to pull up my GPA but something somehow just motivates me again. Not sure if this would last but at least I'm trying HAHA. There's no tutorials on the first week of school so there's only lectures and workshops. I had Principles of Accounting lecture this afternoon.

I didn't want to go to school because I thought the first lecture is introduction. In the end, I decided to go because my best friend, Xinwei was in school for her Bcomm workshop. Thank god I went for the lecture today because he has started teaching :) HAHAHA I'm just too tired to type in complete sentences already.

 Had lunch with Xinwei at Makan Place
My POA lecturer is a nice and cute old man!
He is also my tutor YAY :)
Xinwei pinched and bit me on the first day
And she called my dogs cheap >:(
I'm going to my dad's office to print my lecture notes and tutorial questions
ITB lecture tomorrow and I'm not going because I saw the slides, waste time
Exchanged textbooks with Nicholas
Brought my dogs, Zegna and Buddy out together
Spent a day with James before he gets confined for 3 weeks
Went to Vivocity for lunch/dessert/dinner
Watched English Vinglish and it's an awesome hindi movie!!!
Fried mushroom rice with fish at Kim Gary Restaurant
I wanna watch My Dog Dou Dou
Stayover at Marina Bay Sands last night
Had dinner at Osteria Mozza alone last night
Had breakfast buffet at Rise this morning
I really wanna pull up my GPA this semester
I'm tired
Goodnight :)

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