Friday, 21 December 2012


One more week of holiday and it's sad how time passed by so fast and my plan wasn't even productive
So this is my plan
  1. Camp activities with my dogs (& the monsoon season has to ruin it)
  2. Gym thrice a week (went only twice this week)
  3. Print and read my notes (haven't even start printing)
  4. Complete assignments which are due later (no motivation)
  5. Start a bit on the projects (only a quarter is done)
  6. Shopping with mum (Singapore's clothes are ugly and expensive, eww)
This week was still okay
  • Food for thought with my BFF, Xinwei
    - We wanted to go Hatched but it's not open on Monday. We have no fate with Hatched.
    - Walked around Botanic Gardens for 30 mins just to get to the Botany Centre (where FFT is located at)
    - Had pancakes, scrambled eggs with toasts and pasta
  • Went to gym with Xinwei and Mindy. Didn't go to the gym for almost 2 months since days before Regatta
  • 1st day of period -.-
  • My whole body was aching, neck, shoulders, arms (especially triceps and lats)
  • Town with mum for shopping mission but failed because clothes in Singapore are too ugly and expensive
    - I don't understand why do people enjoy shopping in town
    - Even Nex's clothes are prettier HAHA
  • Had salad from Salad Stop for dinner
  • Dessert at Gusttimo Di Roma @ Ion
  • Orchard Christmas lights are getting uglier each year
  • Accompanied mum to the foot massage centre
  • Went home to rest
  • Met Shannon and Yanxiu for Microeconomics project
  • Mr Ryan Goh came to help
  • Went to the gym with Shannon
    - Trained the whole body but ran a little bit because we had to leave
  • Had soft boiled eggs at school's toast box and it's the worst soft boiled eggs I'd eaten, yucks
  • Had dinner with my bff and accompanied her back to school
  • Took bus home and played fetch with my dogs
  • Watched my korean drama (first wives club) the whole night until 5am
  • Woke up at 7am to make tangyuan but went back to sleep after 10 mins (LOL)
  • Showered and had tangyuan for breakfast
  • Slept again, for 4 hours?
  • Had simple dinner at home (sotong, omelette and rice with a cup of iced tea)
  • Played fetch with my dogs
  • Wanted to go SAFTI to meet my bf because it's his book out day but I'm too tired
  • Wake up at 645am for a morning run
  • Bring my dogs out for a walk
  • Golf
  • AGM (dragonboat)
I've been doing research on Italy because I'm most probably going to Italy next year? It's not confirmed but I'm being optimistic. 

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