Saturday, 26 January 2013

hello my baby blog, don't worry because i will not abandon you :)

ok bet no one reads this blog anymore but i just need to blog.
life's been very miserable for me for the past few weeks because of projects and i can't catch up for quite a lot of topics for microeconomics (miec) and principles of accounting (poa)... okay maybe even business law too :'(

business communication individual presentation
business communication group presentation
customer service excellence training video
customer service excellence report
business law project video
IT in business (excel and access)
microeconomics project
CQ case study presentation
CQ reflection journal
CQ test

so far for all the common tests/presentations/assignments, my grades are in between A+ to B which are acceptable. i just don't want any C!!! in the previous semester, i had a C which was business statistics... ouch the heartache. so i won't allow myself to make the same mistake again for this and the rest of the semesters!

ok have to do my project now. bye!

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