Wednesday, 20 February 2013

1st day of holiday / End of Year 1


Finally a proper blog post :) My exams officially ended at 4.30pm sharp yesterday!  Others went out to celebrate with their classmates but I wanted to hit the gym so badly so the chauffeur picked me up outside the exam hall and we went to pick dad up before heading to Marina Bay Sands!

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I was so happy that I screamed and shouted! "MY EXAMS ARE OVER!" Chauffeur asked if it was Principles of Accounting (POA) paper and I was like "Oooooh how do you know". He told me everyone was asking the same question outside the exam hall "did you manage to balance the balance sheet?"

It's okay if we couldn't balance the balance sheet! So many people couldn't balance too so let's just wait for the moderation to take place ok. Meanwhile, enjoy your holiday people!!!!!!!!

HAHA. Anyway, I was finally back in Marina Bay Sands gym again! It's my favorite part of the hotel :) The best thing is, there are not many people there so I get to use all the fitness equipment! I checked in, changed into my attire, locked my stuff and took my first dip in the hot pool. Afterwards, I ran to the cardio room!

1st station 
Ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes but at a slower speed because my ankle has not fully recovered. I wanted to run for an hour at my normal speed but oh well... have to wait for my ankle to be fully recovered :(

2nd station 
Cycled on the stationary bike while watching channel 5 and talking to bf on phone! Cycled for an hour.

3rd station
The weight room was so empty! There was a Japanese there but he left shortly after I entered the room so I was alone. As it was quite late and I was so hungry, I took a rest at the lounge.

It was finally time to go home! I took a shower and made a new friend! She is a businesswoman from China, Beijing. Chauffeur picked me up and went home to catch up with my hong kong dramas! Oh. My helper made awesome mee soto for me so I ate it with rice for dinner :)

That's my first day of holiday and first post exam activity haha!

My holiday is filled with activities!
Marina Bay Sands / Gym /  Golf / Playing with my dogs / Taking care of my dogs / Accompany my mum / FOOD.........

It may sound boring but I really love these activities :)

I am no longer a "freshie" ok! I really hate the word "freshie" sounds damn low class, impolite and childish please? Can't they use junior or what? -.-

1st semester
I really hated this sem because it was torturing............ Business Statistics and DSS are 2 modules which killed me okay.

Groupmates for most of the projects :)
Samantha, Nabilah and Mona

Jokers in my class!

I look damn cool so must post ok

My favorite malay friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's damn cute and joker!!!!!

Not forgetting my BFF #liewxinwei #nipplesdamnblack :)

Business Management
Useful. Teaches us how to manage business and communicate with employees so it's useful and it's my favorite module!

Business Statistics

Organizational Behavior

I really hate this module because I'm an IT idiot. Thank god I have smart and helpful project mates.

Good lecturers and tutors! Kinya is one of the best tutors in NP :)

Idea Jumpstart

Sports and Wellness
HAHA I TOOK UP YOGA and slacked most of the time. I thought I could sleep and relax but NO, my instructor is quite strict and she made us do all the exercises. I couldn't make it for the 7th lesson and requested to attend the make-up lesson on Tuesday. The Tuesday instructor is damn nice please, she allowed us to slack, sleep and even play games. Though the games were quite lame but at least we didn't have to exercise (too lazy)

Bad memories in first semester...

2nd Semester
So thankful for awesome classmates and tutors in 1st and 2nd sems!!!!!!!!!!

Business Communication
Actually most of the modules in this sem are useful :) Learnt some presentation skills, blog writing and how to conduct meetings and minutes. Though I've forgotten how to conduct the meeting and write the minutes.

Group presentation with the girls :)
Really beautiful, smart and helpful girls!
Had so much fun with them! Yup, our group project was #IGiveAShit

My group mates for other modules projects!

Business Law
My tutor is sarcastic but she's super nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my favorite modules. When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer but didn't study hard so yup, regretted :(
I even watched The Pupil just for our project. By the way, it's a nice show so do watch it! On xinmsn :)

Shannon and Yanxiu came over to my house for the first preparation and video taking! We made props by using newspapers and shower cap. I learnt this trick from Art Attack! Hehe. I was making gavel and shannon's making her wig.

Court scene in the library!

IT in Business
WHAT THE..... IT AGAIN?!?!?! At least the projects are not as tedious as DSS projects.

Just the drawing of graphs sucks

Principles of Accounting
At first I hated it but my tutor (introducing the best tutor in Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Business & Accountancy....... MR TAN GEOK KIAN) is so committed to helping his students! He even came back to school on Saturday/Sunday to teach us! For him, I tried to work hard and I think I will do quite well for the paper. I hope!

Customer Service Excellence
Woah, another - module but ok la learnt a bit here and there.

Had fun filming our project! All the embarrassing moments :p

Cultural Quotient
I'm always interested in other cultures so yup, it's quite fun!

Yup so this is what I did on my 1st day of holiday and brief recap on my year 1 life in poly :)
I must work hard this holiday to get rid of all the fats and gain muscles! Most importantly, spend more time with my doggies ♡

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