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KPOP/Korean Dramas & Challenges

The first part of this post is about Kpop and Korean Dramas.
Some of you may not like kpop/korean dramas but trust me, give me a chance, give them a chance.

I wasn't a fan of kpop/korean dramas because it was just so foreign to me! Few years ago, I was insulting kpop and really hated those fangirls because I thought it was overrated and it's just getting annoying! I was like "why the hell are these people listening to songs which they don't even understand?!?!?!?!?!"


Yeah, ZB understands it too... She has been watching korean dramas with me. Poor thing... She can't even sleep in peace.

Korean is a beautiful language and it need not be understood to appreciate it. Haha ok maybe I don't make sense here but I'm just so in love with Korean language now!

BIG BANG was the one who made me change my impression of kpop! They're so talented, especially G-Dragon who composed so many songs! The first song I fell in love with was BLUE because it's soothing and relaxing :)

Of course, they're good looking and this is a bonus, hehe! The best thing is, they don't lip sync when doing live shows! I really hate singers who lip sync like SNSD or whoever... The moment they started lip syncing, I would close close the tab.

I moved on to 2NE1 and I was like "Oh man, artists from YG are seriously good........"

FULL HOUSE and FIRST WIVES CLUB were the 2 dramas which made me change my impression of korean dramas! My cousin introduced me to Full House in 2004 when I was just primary 4 but after watching this drama, I didn't watch other korean dramas. 

Last year, my mum made me got addicted to First Wives Club! She was watching this show in my room and I thought "Oh, not bad" then after few episodes, I started staying up whole night to catch the rest of the episodes online!!!

THEN, few weeks ago, my mum did the same thing again! She was snatching the TV with me in the living room and she switched on channel 855. This time, it's TWINKLE TWINKLE (SPARKLING)! She started telling me about the show, how the girls were being switched in the hospital.......

I thought again "Hmmm, not bad" and I watched. It turned out DAMN AWESOME so for the next few days, I watched with my mum. When the episodes got interesting, I couldn't resist it but to watch it online again! I'm afraid when school starts, I don't have time to catch up on these dramas T.T

This is the theme song of Twinkle Twinkle/Sparkling!
Love it!

(Twinkle Twinkle/Sparkling)
She's soooooo perfect! She's the most beautiful woman in the world!
I'm turning bi for her ♡

(Twinkle Twinkle/Sparkling)
He's 40 this year but I don't care la because he's TALL and CHARMING can I marry him? Omg my heart is melting as I'm typing this! ♡.♡

Okay... This was probably taken when he was younger...

And older.....

STILL HOT RIGHT? I want this kind of man.

(First Wives Club)
I just have this fangirl thing over hot mature korean actors!

Okay la fine, maybe they're not really that hot in pictures. You know... People who are good looking are usually not photogenic...

I loved Hong Kong dramas but Korean dramas have taken over my life. 

For watching dramas online, I would recommend these websites:

Coming from someone who used to hate kpop and korean dramas, you should really take my advice and start listening to BIG BANG's songs and watch FULL HOUSE/FIRST WIVES CLUB/TWINKLE TWINKLE (SPARKLING).

For the past few nights, I stayed up until 5AM - 7AM just to watch Twinkle Twinkle!  I even dreamt of Kim Suk Hoon last night!  

I was bored and decided to tumblr some challenges. Okay, actually I don't really understand why people call it challenges when it's not challenging or anywhere near this but yeah I'll just go along with it.........

Currently I'm doing some self learning on Korean language online.
I've also chosen Basic Conversational Korean for my IS module (Hope I'd get in!!!)
And I'm going for actual courses on Korean language and culture after I graduate from Poly!


I was bored and decided to tumblr some challenges. Okay, actually I don't really understand why people call it challenges when it's not challenging or anywhere near this but yeah I'll just go along with it.........

#1: Say something about yourself.
I'm a dreamer. I believe in fairytales and disney princesses.

#2: 5 things that you hate about yourself and why?
Procrastinator. You have no idea how much I hate being one.
Easily distracted and short attention span. The 1st semester in Poly was a torturous one because every lecture/tutorial is 2 hours and I always use laptop and entertain myself. This is one of the reasons why my 1st semester GPA was disappointing.
Not romantic enough. It's okay la I've downloaded the romantic ideas app on my phone ;)
No guts to wear contact lens. I've tried to approach the optician but I saw a primary school girl trying it and it looked disgusting. I was afraid so I didn't try but I'll try again.
Sinus. It's always running marathons -.-

#3: A message to your lover/crush.

#4: Say I love you in 3 language that you’ve currently/had learn.
Saya cinta kamu
Ti amo


#5: The most memorable day?
The day Zegna and Buddy appeared in my life ♡ I will never forget the first time I went to visit them.  I enjoy witnessing their growth and I'm cherishing every moment with them because I know that the lifespan of a dog is very short.

#6: Your top favorite band and why?
Michael Learns To Rock because I've been listening to their songs since I was a baby.
25 minutes/sleeping child/that's why (you go away)/breaking my heart/complicated heart/paint my love

#7: Your favorite quote and why?
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney
Walt Disney is truly an inspirational figure and I love him because he gives me hope. Everything about Disney gives me hope. His quotes give me the courage to pursue my dreams.

#9: Say something you really wanted to do.
Get rid of the advertisement shit on Youtube.


What are your favorite words?
Peace and Beautiful :)

What is your least favorite word?
(Yes I hate it when I get replies like this)

What sound of noise do you love?
When my dogs FART (damn cute!!!!!!)

What sound of noise do you hate?
Drilling and all those rock/heavy metal kind of music... super noisy

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Can I be a princess? A Disney princess.

What profession would you like not to do?
Don't really want to comment about this because all professions are equally important and I don't want to make people think that I'm looking down on any.

Day 1: Post a picture of you right now taken on your webcam

Day 2: Post a picture of you when you were younger


KKKKK sorry I'll stop....

Day 3: Post a picture of you with an animal

This was PUPPY ZEGNA!!!!!! Ahhhhh awwwww so cute I know!!!!

Day 4: Post a picture of you and your best friend

Day 5: Post a picture of you on holiday

Walt Disney World!

Day 6: Post a picture of you at a party/wedding/convention/organised social event

Day 7: Post a picture of you without make-up if you usually wear make-up, or with make-up if you don’t usually wear it
Lazy. I don't usually wear make-up by the way.

Day 8: Post a picture of you on the best day of your life
Overseas Educational Trip to Hong Kong & Macau for 7 days and 6 nights. I'm a huge fan of Hong Kong and the Police Force! This trip was a super memorable one because of the lovely people who were there with me!

Day 9: Post your favourite recent picture of yourself

Day 10: Post a picture of you just before you go to bed

Day 11: Post a picture of you at school/college/university/work

Day 12: Post your favourite picture of yourself

I wanna wake up and be a South Korean

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