Friday, 29 March 2013

FOOD (Royale/Pancakes/Balls/MBS/CHIJMES)

I've finally △ my blog layout to something more yellowish because it's my favorite color! It's funny how pink is not one of my top few favorite colors but most of my stuff are in pink.

During this 2 months holiday, many people travelled overseas for family & school trips, joined camps, met their friends or just spend their time at home everyday. For me, I've been spending my time at home with my mum and dogs, taking my dogs out for a walk, going to Marina Bay Sands with my family and basically just eat and eat until I grow fat!

Here are some pictures I've taken from my instagram because we instagram everything right?

The Canopy Garden Dining & Bar @ Bishan Park II
Eggs Royale
Soft poached eggs on English muffins with smoke salmon, salad and hollandaise sauce with an additional side kick of sautéed mushroom :)
SGD 15

(Met Debbie for brunch and walked to Bishan stadium to gym!)

Little Pancakes @ Upper Thomson Road
All Day Breakfast
SGD 9.5
I prefer Little Pancakes to Strictly Pancakes!

(Met Debbie for brunch and we took bus to Bishan stadium to gym again, hahaha #fattiesforlife and I found out there's assisted pull up in public gym. Though I still prefer the one in school...)

Blackball @ Star Vista
Blackball Signature
SGD 4.9
I've seen a lot of people posting pictures of this on instagram so I asked Debbie to bring me there. It's a big bowl and definitely worth the price :)

(Waited for Debbie to end her BAOC preparation before taking the bus to Buona Vista. Slept with my shades on because I didn't want others to know HAHAHA)

Since it's my holiday, I took this opportunity to spend more time with my parents because when school reopens, my life would be flooded with projects and assignments and my dad is always busy. We took the feeder bus to Serangoon Gardens Circus and walked to the food centre for lunch!

We had the famous kway chap there :)

We sent mum home and I went to Plaza Singapura to help dad choose his new phone! He is now using Samsung Note II and this is his FIRST smartphone! I choose Samsung because it's a South Korea product, hehe. I'm getting mine this week or early next week :)

After getting the phone, we went to The Club @ Marina Bay Sands to chill. There, I also introduced him to the functions. My dad is really a smart guy! I explained to him ONCE and he got it. Yes, considering this is the first smartphone.

The Club always change the menu because it's a buffet style. I was so happy when I saw Cod Fish and Fried Chicken (Popcorn Chicken) on the buffet table! :D

Just last Sunday, my family and I went to Lei Garden for brunch because it has been a long time since we last ate there. We always go to Imperial @ Marina Bay Sands.

I woke up at 7 this morning and accompanied mum to Mount Elizabeth Hospital for her annual check up! I went to Starbucks @ Wisma for my brunch (though I had 3 french toasts at home) before checking out the plastic surgery clinic at Paragon Medical Centre.

Yup, I want to do the double eyelid surgery because I'm sick and tired of my single eyelid. This is probably one of the reasons why I want to wear sunglasses out until I get this surgery done! It is way overpriced in Singapore WTH!

My sister is going to South Korea this May so I asked her to check out the price for me. My cousin is also going there for breasts implants. After doing double eyelid surgery, I might want to do my nose!

What got me excited few nights ago was this! My dad brought some souvenirs back from South Korea few years ago when he was there for business trip. My mum kept these in my cupboard and because I wasn't interested in Korea back then, I didn't bother.

When I was cleaning my room, I saw these and I can't wait to get my new Samsung phone because I can use these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some photo booth pictures because I thought the application might rot if I don't start using it again. I've been using other application for self pic! Entertaining myself in the living room with Ferrero Rocher and Korean dramas, hehehe :)

That's all for today's post! I can't wait to visit the authentic Korean restaurant with Debbie and TC!!!!!!! Mad love for South Korea and I'm still dreaming of migrating there :)

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