Sunday, 14 April 2013

People who love food are always the best people :)

I'm blogging from my new PINK Samsung Note 2! :D
I am soooooo in love with this phone ♡.♡

I was using Samsung Galaxy Tab (which was as a phone too) and everyone complained that it was too big. I felt the same way too. It was really a burden to bring it out especially when I had to attend social events. I had to bring a clutch that could fit my phone in. The problem is... I only have 1 clutch that could fit the huge phone/tablet.

Dad got himself a BLACK Samsung Note 2 and mum is probably gonna get the WHITE Samsung Note 2 :) I'm selling my tablet to my aunt's "chauffeur" for $150-$200.

Anyway, this is a short post about FOOD! :D

My first time using the microwave oven and this is my creation!
I took everything out of the fridge and mix them together. Haha okay actually I chose these ingredients because it's easy and the most appropriate ingredients. (Just an excuse for my laziness)
Mission wrap/Sandwich ham/Lettuce/Blueberries/Thousand Island dressing

I was feeling hungry and I called dad to buy my favorite bak kut teh from Balestier!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the salted vege and soup ♡

To sidetrack, my boyfriend is back from his Brunei trip! (He's going to Thailand next week -.-) We went out for movie and lunch in town :) The plan was usual one because this is boring Singapore.
We watched 'Saving General Yang' and it was an awesome show! I couldn't recognize Vic Zhou from F4! 

We had lunch at Everything With Fries (EwF) & I have a phobia for fries now. The servings were huge! 

Sour cream & onion fries 
Curry fries 
Skinny wings

After the date, I met my mum at Mount Elizabeth Hospital as she was there to collect her medical report. Thank god she is okay :)

Yesterday, I had dinner with my mum & 3rd aunt at I12 Katong! I was craving for some sushis but we settled our dinner at Din Tai Fung because we were starving. DTF was the nearest and my aunt wss craving for xiaolongbaos.

Mum made this!!!!!!! I asked her what's this and she told me it's a creation from Indonesia? Haha I don't know but this is damn good!!! 

Countdown to 1st day of Year 2 Semester 1: TOMORROW WTF.
I should have joined more camps to make my holiday more meaningful. (Yup, it's already meaningful with my mum and dogs ♥♥♥)

Gonna blog more about NPCC next week! :D

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