Saturday, 30 March 2013

Viva Las Vegas! ♥ Part II

We spent four days in Las Vegas!
I was feeling so reluctant to leave Las Vegas, this beautiful paradise ♥

We watched VEGAS! The Show @ Saxe Theatre, Planet Hollywood. One word - Awesome.
We also watched Legends in Concert at Harrah's theatre. There were impersonators of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley and... that's all I could remember. The Lady Gaga impersonator is horrible, doesn't even look like Gaga! And she's disgusting la -.-

The bakery shop at the hotel lobby... Yummy cake pops and cupcakes!

We didn't get a chance to visit this tower because my sisters only cared about shopping -.- We wanted to have dinner in this tower before leaving Las Vegas. Sigh, deepest regret. But dad has agreed to bring me there again and we will have dinner in this tower.

I don't know if I have mentioned this in my previous post. I didn't know Las Vegas is a desert until dad told me about it and I went to google it the moment I reached the hotel at night. No wonder it is so hot in the day and quite cold at night. We went in the summer.

The temperature is higher than Singapore but I would choose Las Vegas over Singapore. Las Vegas is hot but not humid. We didn't perspire in Las Vegas! I even wore double layer. Singapore's humidity is really hardcore. The moment we get out of the house, we would start to perspire!

Call me suaku or what, I have never seen or been to a desert before...

No clouds at all!

We went to the North premium outlet which is quite near to the South premium outlet we went in day 2 (Viva Las Vegas Part 1) I bought a DKNY watch and some dogs stuff! I was so happy when I saw this shop selling products about dogs!!!!!!!!!! I spent most of the time at the shop!!!!!!

Didn't buy a lot of stuff though

Bought my Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy

Souvenirs I bought in the airport and poker cards from premium outlets. The UFO whirling card helicopter card is from one of the magic shops in The Venetian. I have yet to practise! Dad wants me to show him how is it done.

 I made a reservation at Tao Asian Bistro which is famous because we see their banners almost everywhere.

The food is reasonable and pretty good, considering that there's no good asian restaurants in Vegas. Or we couldn't find any.

Streets of the Grand Canal Shoppes ♥

There were cards of semi naked girls on the floor. EVERYWHERE. They could even "deliver" the girls to you. WTF.

Night walk~ Really love Las Vegas at night ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The limousine took us to Bellagio Fountains. It's a choreographed water feature with performances set to light and music. There would be one show every 30 mins in the day and every 15 mins from 8pm to midnight. We managed to catch the last show :)

I have watched one video on The Dubai Fountain which played my favorite song - Con Te Partiro by Andrea. The link is here

I have watched videos of Bellagio Fountains and Dubai Fountain and find that I would prefer the latter.

What's best? IT IS FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!!

The chauffeur took us to Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in the hotel. He knows about it because he had worked there before and he told us how beautiful it is.

There are 5 seasonal themes in this garden - Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It was summer time when we visited Las Vegas.

My mum was asking me to take pictures of all the flowers because she is a fan of flowers


We left Bellagio Hotel and went back to The Venetian for supper!
As usual, we went to Asia Noodles in the casino. After supper, mum and sisters went back to the hotel room. Dad and I went for a walk around the hotel but we decided to walk to other hotels. Dad wanted to check on the casinos.

Hotel Wynn

Dad was asking me to pose for him because he was taking pictures of me using his nokia phone. Then he kept complaining about how bad the quality of his phone camera is. 

The next day, we walked around the Grand Canal Shoppes again, before we left Las Vegas. This is my favorite part of the shoppes :)

In Caesars Palace...

Almost every hotel has the same concept of artificial sky

My dog's name - Zegna!!! ♥

Back at The Venetian...

Packing our luggage as we had to leave the hotel at 830pm

I was crying inside when I was packing my luggage. I looked out and waved goodbye to this beautiful paradise...

ON THE LAST DAY, I FOUND OUT THE AIRPORT IS VERY NEAR TO THE HOTEL! I was shouting in the room "Oh my god, the airport is so near to the hotel!!!", thinking I could surprise my family. Their replies were the same...

"You just found out today?!?!?!"

From the bakery shop at the lobby because mum was feeling hungry

I am not a fan of macarons because I don't like sweet stuff but their macarons are so huge, like twice or thrice the ones you get in Singapore! Bought the chocolate macaron and it's so yummy!

Dad wanted to eat at Cut by Wolfgang Puck at Palazzo which is just beside The Venetian so I also made a reservation there. We were waiting for dad to come out from the casino and saw this.

Wearing my new jumpsuit from Flaunt.CC

The food at Cut by Wolfgang Puck in Marina Bay Sands is so expensive but the one at Palazzo is half the price of MBS' and the portions are bigger. Not to mention good quality meats. 
Lobsters, Beef, Lamb

The extra bed I slept on for 4 days in Las Vegas The Venetian. Miss this bed so much now :'(

Went to grab a bite at the VIP lounge before the limousine arrived. I'm such a glutton, sigh~

Bye Las Vegas, Hi Orlando Florida :)

We will meet again :)

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