Sunday, 15 September 2013

Photo Diary: Cupcakes & Food

Twelve Cupcakes
Overpriced and overrated cupcakes
Cookies & Cream // Red Velvet // Strawberry Chocolate // PB Jelly // Chocolate Chocolate

Carpenter & Cook
Since the owner was from Ngee Ann Poly, can NP students get discount? Hehe.
Cook's Amazing Quiche // Smashing Savoury Brioche Bun // Apple Cobbler

 Forever 21
I was feeling blue so this is my Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) taken by Zi Hui in HTA.

Balestier Bak Kut Teh
Supper with dad :)

Tortilla wrap // Lettuce // Tomatoes // Ham // Egg

Toasted wholemeal bread // Broccoli Omelette // Yakult

Toasted wholemeal bread // Mushrooms // Scallops

Jalan Sultan
Chicken Curry // Chicken rendang // Tofu // Fish 

Coffee Bean
Impromptu meet up with good friend Stephen at Serangoon Gardens!

Home Sweet Home
When kids interact with dogs :)

Marina Bay Sands Gym
I was back in the gym @ Marina Bay Sands again! The gym assistants and instructors still remember my name (Athena) and I think remembering guests names is very important in the service sector :)

I was feeling unwell after spending 20 minutes in the sauna and the staff gave me apple, bottled water and candy! They're so dedicated, nice, friendly and genuine :)

Meteor Garden
I was at my aunt's house for the weekly gathering and I watched Meteor Garden with my cousin. I was watching Meteor Garden II and she was watching Meteor Garden I. DAO MING SI ~~~~~ ♥.♥

Zegna & Buddy

One of my favorite pictures from Tumblr // Gold

Sorry for the lack of updates because I've been watching dramas online!
 Will be back again soon, xoxo :)

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