Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Photo Diary: NPCC NDP'09

I was appointed to be the parade commander for my school's Annual Awards in 08/09 but my rank (Corporal) was too low to command a parade so the OC submitted my name to HQ for National Day Parade 2009. 

What I remember about NDP09:

Travelling from Toa Payoh to Home Team Academy (Choa Chu Kang) every Saturday
Memorizing the North South Line map on the train
Everyone called me "bandage girl" because I had bandages on my knees 
The left marker of the Scout contingent who always jumped at the 21 Gun-Salute (HAHAHA) 
Laughing at the left marker but trying to be serious. Probably the most difficult part of the rehearsal.
3.2km City March 
Full March Past
Humming the tune to 'Guard of Honour March' and 'Tentera Singapura' 
Downloaded these 2 songs and listened to it while walking/taking bus to school every morning
Singing 'We Are One' while marching 
Marching around the house and singing 'We Are One' (don't judge me okay...)
Brining back a huge bag of Khong Guan biscuits every Saturday because my parents paid tax 
KFC for lunch
"Let's sign on together"
"Ching, your voice is so man and deep. Are you a man?" 
Orchird Park Secondary not Outram Park Secondary
Long journey from HTA to the pit building
Polishing my shoes almost everyday
Ironing my own uniform every Thursday/Friday night (I don't even iron my clothes)
Nicknames (X/Y/Z)
The feeling of the last march in and march past on the actual day
Recording and imitating someone's "Baris, sediiiiiii-a!" (inside joke)
Of course, the 4 SIAOZHABORS aka SZBs 

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"You can take me out of NPCC, but you can never take NPCC out of me"

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