Sunday, 22 September 2013

My NPCC Journey

Two reasons why I chose NPCC:
I wanted to join the Singapore Police Force
I love the uniform

Secondary 1

I missed the CCA Open House because I was away for a short holiday trip in Superstar Virgo. My good friends attended the open house and we decided to join NPCC. I wanted to join NCC but NCC (Land) in my school didn't accept girls and I didn't want to join NCC (Air). Around May, the commitment and enthusiasm died down :( One of my good friends transferred to another school and joined Girl Guides, the other two left the corps. I wanted to leave too because they left but I didn't want to quit because I couldn't find any other CCAs which I like?

This was the first picture taken as a squad with the NCOs in secondary one.

There were about 24 squad mates but when we in sec 4, there were only about 10-12 of us? 

Secondary 2

My squadmates kept "pestering" (hahaha) me to go back for trainings and parades and something had also happened so my discipline mistress told me to return to NPCC and assured me that everything will be okay. She said its a disciplined CCA and I will benefit a lot from the events and activities. I went back in secondary 2 and participated in the NPCC Annual Parade 2008.

Those were the Area 13 days :)

Secondary 3 & Secondary 4

It was our turn to take over as NCOs (Cadet Leaders/CLs) and this was the first POP chalet we organized :) We had the first night for ourselves.

Bonding session with the juniors :)

My NPCC life in 2009 was the most exciting and memorable one :D I participated in National Day Parade 2009 (NDP'09), Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) and Overseas Educational Trip to Hong Kong & Macau (OEV)

I will have separate blog posts (photo diary) for NDP/OBS/OEV.

Secondary 5

It was my wish to become the Parade Commander and this wish came true! I didn't join the PC selection for our school's Annual Awards but after a few rehearsals, I asked Ms Fauziah (in charge) if I could give it a try. Along with two friends (from NCC and NCDCC), we had a selection again.

So thankful to all the teachers who had voted for me. I completed my cadet life with no regrets. Though my performance on the actual day was not up to my expectation, at least I didn't screw up any commands :)

My squadmates ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ and OC

Without NPCC, I think I wouldn't have turned over a new leaf, study hard for my exams, top my N levels and O levels and get into a reputable business course in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. (I studied very hard because my teacher told me that if I want to be a Cadet Inspector, I must get good grades for O levels. Due to some reasons, I didn't sign up for the Cadet Inspector course.)

Upcoming photo diary posts (NPCC):
National Day Parade 2009
Outward Bound Singapore, Combined UG Camp 2009
Overseas Educational Trip to Hong Kong & Macau
NPCC memories

"You can take me out of NPCC, but you can never take NPCC out of me"

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