Sunday, 29 September 2013

Photo Diary: NPCC Overseas Educational Trip to Hong Kong & Macau 7D6N

I was on my way to Junction 8 and I met my OC on the bus. She told me about the overseas educational trip to Hong Kong and Macau which NPCC HQ organizes every year and she asked if I was interested. Of course I agreed!!!!!!!!! We paid $100+ for everything, including the air tickets and meals :D

What's the best part? We took Singapore Airlines! I think this was one of the reasons why my father allowed me to leave Singapore without him. That was my first overseas trip without my family!

Day 1
Victoria Peak/Wax Museum

A group picture from my lousy quality camera and good friends from NDP09 sent me off!!!

Our first meal in Hong Kong before visiting the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, a wax museum located at Victoria Peak.

We checked in to 8 degrees hotel, a 4 star hotel. My roommate was Eileen :) My mum knew I would feel hungry at night so she packed some biscuits into my luggage and I had supper in my room almost every night!

Day 2
Old Central Police Station/Victoria Prison/Hong Kong Police College/Avenue of Stars/JPC Clubhouse

We had dim sum for lunch everyday! :D I love dim sum so much that I can never grow tired of it.
The first stop was the Old Central Police Station and Victoria Prison.

After few years of executing the prisoners at the execution ground (picture on the right), they decided to execute the prisoners indoor. I didn't take any pictures inside because it was really eerie.

There were 4 special unit cells and they were meant for prisoners with mental disability. The guide also told us that if a female prisoner gave birth in the prison, the baby had to live with the mother until he/she is about 3 years old before sending the him/her to the welfare organization. 

The second stop was Hong Kong Police College!!! If you have watched The Academy 学警雄心, a Hong Kong drama, yup they filmed it here!!!!!!!!

Here are some interesting pictures I took in the Tactics Training Complex which is similar to our Home Team training village. There were simulated ATM, herbal tea shop, petrol kiosk, train, convenient store and retail and food outlets.

Share > Shell
7 twenty > 7 eleven
Asprit > Esprit
Wcdonalds > Mcdonalds

We were freezing at Avenue of Stars and we still ate ice cream! We had so much fun BBQing, singing songs, dancing and playing games with our counterparts at the JPC Clubhouse :)

Day 3
Hong Kong Police Tactical Unit (PTU)/Police Dog Unit HQ & Training School/Hong Kong Marine Police/Cheung Chau Island

The PTU is located at Fanling and they are responsible for riots control, internal security, crowd management, etc.

We travelled to Cheung Chau Island in the marine police boat! We visited the JPC Marine Clubhouse and played some games there.

Then, it was shopping time because we had our dinner at a seafood restaurant and took a ferry back to Central Pier. Yang Zhi lent me his blazer, gloves and heat pack so I was wearing 5 layers of clothing. He was shivering out there and I wanted to return his blazer and gloves so we kept arguing but he shut me up with "If you return,I'm going to ignore you for the next few days." 

Day 4
Hong Kong Police Headquarters/JPC Clubhouse/Open Top Bus/Ladies Market

We finally wore our full uniform! A female officer gave a speech in the media briefing room. We also visited some cool places such as the identity parade room(?) for identification parade. I always see this in dramas but I didn't expect that I would get to see it in real life :)

JPC Clubhouse with 100 years of history.

Day 5

I prefer Ocean Park to Disneyland :/
Tickets/Meal coupons/Heat pack/Guide map/Times guide

Day 6

Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Precious moments ♥♥♥♥♥

Day 7
Going back to the small, humid and boring Singapore in the new A380

Had a mini birthday celebration with them! It was my first birthday celebration with friends :') Haha, yeah I had a sad life before this OEV trip...

BBQ Gathering

Everyone is so nice and friendly and we get along well with everybody! I'm really thankful for this chance, forever thankful to my OC and NPCC for giving me this chance to meet these lovely people! ♥

The best 7 days of my life :)

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"You can take me out of NPCC, but you can never take NPCC out of me"

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