Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Photo Diary: A File Filled With Memories

I name this post "A File Filled With Memories" because I keep all my 5 years of NPCC-related stuff in a big yellow file :)

I've joined many CCAs before such as Badminton, Guzheng, Choir, Netball and many more but none can beat NPCC. I've never shown such great passion and commitment until I joined NPCC. It has changed me, a 180 degree change in life. 

I'm really VERY VERY VERY thankful to the people I met in NPCC; my Teacher Officers, Cadet Inspectors in Beatty (especially Elton & Benson), my dearest squadmates, NDP'09 NPCC (cadets and trainers), OBS (Magellan), Overseas Educational Trip to Hong Kong & Macau (cadets, CIs and officers) for imparting skills and knowledge to me and showing me what's true friendship ♥ Not forgetting all the teachers, Beatty ex principal Mr. Boo and discipline mistress Ms. Fauziah for encouraging me and giving me a second chance to turn over a new leaf :)

I never knew that a CCA would have such a great impact in my life.
If given a second chance, I would fight for my right to become a CI.

Haha okay, moving on to what I have in my file!

NPCC uniform cover I bought

L: NPCC notepad
R: For CCA Open House

Accompanied the Sec 1 & 2 to NPCC Annual Parade 2009

Top & bottom left: Printed history about NPCC, NPCC pledge and NPCC songs.
Bottom right: Drill commands by our NCO for our Corporal test

Top left: More drill commands from our NCO for our test
Top right & bottom: Took my sister's notes on drills

These notes belonged to my sister and I took it to learn more about the drills & camp craft :)

I was one of the (NPCC) road marshalls for our school's Annual Awards in 2008

Gathered some info from my squadmates (handwriting was really bad back then)

L: Script for our Total Defence presentation
R: Graduation Song for our seniors' Passing Out Parade (POP) 2008

Extra idemnity form for Adventure Training Camp (ATC)

Practices & Rehearsal dates for National Day Parade 2009

*Updated version*

Song lyrics for March-In.
*Still one of my favourite songs :)*

H1N1 period

Leadership & Mentoring Skills (LMSC) manual

Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) packing list

How OBS group mates think of me and how I think of myself *hahaha so 不要脸!*

My personal reflection for the 4D3N camp :)

Top: Message from juniors for our Passing-Out-Parade (POP)
Bottom: Contacts from the OEV peeps!

What I brought back from the Police Knowledge & Homefront Security Course

Collection of NPCC magazines :)

Stuff I learned from NCO camp :)

Top: Graduation Song for our NCOs POP!
Bottom: Printed out information about Singapore Police Force (I wanted to be a police officer)

Photocopied my NPCC OEV declaration, particulars, etc :)

A small booklet which contains Hong Kong map, important information, contacts and personal journal :)

Brochures from the Hong Kong Junior Police Call!

Air ticket to Hong Kong and the hotel card as souvenir!

Consent form for ATC!

Songs used during campfire (ATC)

Took a map because I booked in on the second day of ATC so I went with three other teacher officers. Also kept the tissue packs given to us during ATC.

Have been attending NPAP every year since I was in secondary one! Thank you Mr. Chng for the tickets from 2010 onwards :)

Printed this from a unit's website I think!

Not sure how NCC magazine ended up in my file........

Attended some exhibition held by SPF!

Commands to remember as a Parade Commander (PC) for my school's Annual Awards in 2011 :)

There are more stuff in another box but I'm too lazy to dig it out!

Ending off with my quote,
"You can take me out of NPCC, but you can never take NPCC out of me"


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