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49 Seats

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I read some reviews about 49 Seats and decided that I should visit this restaurant with my boyfriend or good friend :) It was an impromptu meet up with my good friend Nicea and we wanted to try the Tom Yum Seafood Pasta. The price seemed reasonable and there's no GST & service charge! We were there on a Monday and we reached at 6.10PM.  (They open at 6PM daily except Sunday) We thought we were the first two customers but nope.

I was quite excited because I love tom yum but I was very disappointed when I stepped into the restaurant.

We saw one staff ("In-Charge") taking order for the customers seated near the entrance and he was facing us. We had eye contact but he just glanced away and continued taking the order. He should AT LEAST smile or acknowledge our presence by greeting us! 


I was nice enough to think that "oh, maybe he's busy taking order" and since 80% of the seats weren't occupied, we walked in to look for seats. THEN, he stopped us. I can't remember what he exactly said. The words and tone he used were neither polite nor impolite (sorta slightly more impolite) but he did not smile at all. This is not the kind of service I get when I dine at other restaurants?!?!?! 

I wasn't disappointed because he stopped us when we tried to choose our seats without waiting for him to acknowledge our presence. I was disappointed because the very first moment we had eye contact with him, he ignored us. The first impression was GONE JUST LIKE THAT.

*I wonder if it's because we don't pay service charge? Hmmmm....*

Even if he's REALLY THAT busy, he should know that a smile is very important especially in the service sector. Anyway, he got us a table and I was glad that another lady served us.

Ambience: ★★★☆☆

We had our meal upsized and topped up $4.90 to add a cup of Iced Lemon Tea and a bowl Mushroom Soup served with Garlic Bread.
The soup was creamy and the portion was just right for the both of us to share but Nicea didn't like it because it was tad salty for her.

 Fish Bites (10 pcs)

The reason why I give 2 stars instead of 3 stars is because I find that it is not worth the price. I thought it would be slightly different from but it tasted just like the ones my aunt's domestic helper made. The tar tar sauce also had a weird taste (different taste bud I guess!)

Tom Yum Seafood Pasta

I was determined to try out their Tom Yum Seafood Pasta because it was all over the reviews! The sauce was too creamy and a lil spicy. Felt that I should have went for Katong Laksa instead. We didn't order another main course because we weren't satisfied with the first few dishes we ordered.

When we asked for the bill, the "In-Charge" came over and FINALLY SMILED. Yeah sure, because he was going to collect money $.$

I'm not too sure if I should rely on reviews again but I will still continue to read them because every individual has different preferences and tastes :)

We took a walk down Keong Saik Road after dinner and didn't know that Singapore has beautiful shophouses! Thank you Nicea for exploring new cafes and restaurants with me :) It's not easy to find someone whom you can click well together. I'm so thankful to have a friend like you ♥

49 Seats

Accessibility: ★★★★☆
Food: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★☆☆☆
Value $$$: ★ ★☆☆☆
Overall: ★★☆☆☆

Average price/pax: $20

49 Kreta Ayer Road Singapore, Singapore 089007
Tel: +65 6225 4332

Dress Code

Opening Hours
Monday & Tuesday 6PM - 2AM
Wednesday to Saturday 6PM - 4.30AM

1) Take bus 145 or bus 80 and alight "Opposite Blk 333" (Bus stop code no. 05241) - 2 mins walk
2) Take bus 2/12/33/54/63/124/143/147/190/851/961/970/CT8961/CCT18  and alight "Opposite Pearl's Centre" (Bus stop code no. 05019) - 3 mins walk

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