Sunday, 13 October 2013

Craving for pineapple rice

My long awaited ASOS HANDSHAKE Heeled Sandals finally arrived few days ago!
Black x Gold
♥ Fav colour combination ♥
Showed mum this pair of heels and she told me to keep it for Chinese New Year!
*So cute*

Here are just some lil updates of what's going on in my life for the past few weeks! 

I'm really not in the mood to do a proper blog post now because I'm so tired :( 

Though I didn't work or go for holiday trips overseas but I enjoyed my holiday to the fullest :D School is reopening next week and I'm really not ready for a new semester. I'm not ready to fight against time. It's time to face the cruel reality again :(

TWG Tea Macarons
Gabriel was working at TWG and he got me some macarons! :D

After one of the Wednesday trainings, I met Rachel for dinner! We wanted to go to Star Vista but I had training in the evening so we settled down in Arbite in Serangoon Gardens :) Despite my busy schedule, I could still squeeze out some time for this good friend I met in secondary school. Miss those days where we studied and slacked together :')

Sea Salt Caramel Banana Pancakes
I love it so much I'm craving for it again!

Healthy Meal
My domestic helper decided to whip up a healthy meal for us because we have been complaining about our fats.
Broccoli / Sliced Carrots / Sliced Potatoes / Scrambled Eggs / Baked (something)

Din Tai Fung
Two Fridays ago, I met Zi Hui at Jurong Point and got a present and card for Mr. Chng before going to HTA! We passed by Din Tai Fung and Zi Hui was craving for some xiao long baos so we had our super early dinner at Din Tai Fung at 4PM :O

Hope you like the birthday surprise and the presents we got for you! :)
*I look very happy in this picture!!!*

Homecooked Food
My younger sister taught my domestic helper how to cook Aglio Olio and here is a plate of goodness! Yummy! I super love the Aglio Olio my sister make :) It's nice to have a sister who can cook!
Scallops / Mushrooms / Scrambled Eggs / Pasta

Here's another dish my sister made!
Parma ham with melon :)

My mum made mee hoon kueh using flour and water and sis cooked and mixed it with pasta sauce!
It was left boiling in the water for too long so it didn't turn out to be as chewy as we had expected :(


This is Zegna sleeping on my lap and she refused to let me out of the house (for training) because there was thunder and she's afraid :(

Aunt's place
Aunt's domestic helper cooked my favourite black pepper crabs for me! I'm so blessed to have so many people in my life who love and care for me :)

Quality time with my dogs ♥

Was so lazy to dress up or make up so I just grabbed any top/shorts from the wardrobe.

Family ♥
Dinner with dad because mum and sisters went out.

So we went back to the same place for dinner again the following week but with mum and younger sis this time.

Woke up early this morning for training.
Left my shoe bag at the interchange.
Wasted 1 hour in SDBA.
Training for 1.5 hours.
Driving for 1 hour.
Need to take a nap now.
Goodnight :)


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