Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Blessed 19th ♥ :D

Hello! :D

I haven't been blogging for quite some time because I had common tests and I was busy dating HAHAHA............. Follow me on my instagram @chingchingchings will be updated everyday. So...... It was my birthday (14 December) and I really can't be more thankful than I already am because I get to celebrate this special day with my loved ones ♥ :)


With my boyfriend ♥

He picked me up in a chrysler cab instead of the normal comfort cab because he says I deserve the best OMG sweetest and most thoughtful boyfriend in the world ♥.♥

Salt Grill & Sky Bar
A very romantic place with beautiful view~

Barbecue piced king prawns, avocado, baby gem lettuce, mango salsa

Curry spiced scallops, carrot cumin puree, crispy cauliflower, drunken raisins

Grilled salmon, Sydney spiced, nicoise style: tomato, olives, egg, beans, anchovies

Roasted pollock, king prawns, zucchini, chili, garlic, confit tomato

Truffle oil & parmesan French fries

Love you ♥

He observed that my phone doesn't have long battery life so he got me something that will save my phone battery. I was thinking of portable charger but he refused to tell me because he wanted me to unwrap my present and be surprised :')

I almost teared when I unwrapped my present because I didn't expect this..... it also has my nickname engraved on it (my family calls me NANA). It's such a thoughtful present ♥

Continued our Project 22 (Gastronomia & Christmas trees) after dinner :)
We name it project 22 because we got together on 22nd so we plan to take pictures with 22 Christmas trees, eat 22 cakes from Gastronomia and we will start on a new project soon. We will then print pictures and paste it on our sketchbook :)

Some people might laugh and think that it's childish but as long as we are happy, nothing else matters  :D

Triple Chocolate Mousse from Gastronomia


With my family ♥

My dad brought us to one of my favourite celebrity chef restaurants in Marina Bay Sands, 

CUT by Wolfgang Puck :)


Complimentary mini steak burgers for VIPs

Love the pretzel!!!!!!

Black Winter Truffle Tagliatelle Pasta

Prawn "cocktail", Wasabi Panna Cotta, Celery Salt, Avocado Mousse, Yuzu Citrus

The sisters ordered steak but my parents and I couldn't eat as it is against our religion to eat beef so we ordered other mains :)

Maine Lobster, Black Truffle Sabayon

Baby Chicken Cooked On the Rotisserie, Mixed Field Mushrooms, Natural Jus

With the sides Cavatappi Pasta, "Mac and Cheese" & Wild Field Mushrooms

"It's my birthday today! Do I get any surprise????????? :D", I jokingly asked the hostess. When our dessert (Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé, Creme Fraiche Cream, Caramalized White Chocolate Ice Cream) was served, the host gave me the "surprise" and I made my dad sing a birthday song!


With my best friends ♥

A week before common tests, we already planned to visit Slappy Cakes together and few days before my birthday, we had lunch there!

Slappy Cakes is located in The Grandstand. They serve all-day breakfast and we can have DIY pancakes! OH, The Grandstand is such a cool place and it's so near to our school! Gotta go there more often :)

Our fixings: Crispy Bacon, Butter & Cheddar Cheese

The instagrammers :D

For the first batter, we chose whole grain *healthy* :D

Trying out the method from Food Hacks but our teddy bear failed.....

For the second batter, we chose peanut butter! Still prefer the whole grain :)

Thanks for the surprise treat girls! ♥ And the present is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! (Donald Duck shirt I wore on my actual birthday and it will be shown in the next part of this post hehe)


With my aunts and cousins ♥

Spent the actual day at my aunt's place in Katong :)

When I was a kid, we always celebrate birthdays at my aunt's place. We just made jellies, buy cakes, order pizzas and my aunt's helpers would cook food and snacks. Our mums would also dress us up and take pictures together... I really miss those days :'(

Durian and chocolate cakes :D

He had swollen lymph nodes under his jaw so his face was swollen but he still joined us at my aunt's place. ♥ you so much!!!

Couldn't get a proper picture because the pictures disappeared in my aunt's iPad :(

★ Birthday wishes (same every year) ★
My loved ones (including my dogs!) will be healthy and happy every day! :D
Street dogs from all around the world be safe and happy! :D
And WORLD PEACE v(^^)v!!!!!!!

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