Friday, 29 November 2013

Photo Diary: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme ♥
(hahaha duh????)

My babies were so excited when I came back from training :')

I hate school because school means that I have to leave my babies and can't spend time with them :'(

Birthday surprise for the muscle woman Yixuan! ♥
My first friend in dragon boat #NPDB

With the two popular kids of School of Business & Accountancy!

Enjoyed doing my report because of the bean curd, thank you ♥

Stalked my sister on instagram and this is soooooo cute of my baby boy ♥

Few nights before Regatta :)

#SPDB #NPDB #Ladiesteam @ Singapore River Regatta 2013

#NPhelms #NPcoxswains #NPDB

Managed to take pictures with Hasfis!

Zegna ♥

This is not a proper blog post but I need to do my project now HAHA byeeeeeeeee :)

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