Tuesday, 27 May 2014

It has been a month since I last blogged in April when I was still doing my 2 months internship. I have so much to record for the past one month but I'll just type out whatever that comes to my mind first.

I've been trying to blog but I was too focused on completing my individual assignments and tutorials. Gosh, I've no idea why my assignments and tutorials seem to be never-ending :( When I've completed one, there is another one on the list. I tried to stay up whole night to do but my mind always give in before midnight.


Grand Park Orchard
On the last day of my internship, my senior associates treated us to Carnivore @ CHIJMES. On the same day, the sweetest bf also decided to book a room at Grand Park Orchard to celebrate my last day of internship and to spend some quality time together :) He chose this hotel because I just casually mentioned that I read the reviews on a blog and it looked pretty decent. I didn't check the price because I didn't intend to book a stay cation there.

To make our stay cation a complete one, we must have the instant cup noodles/mee goreng. We tried staying up all night to cut and paste our pictures on our sketchbook but the bed sheet was too comfy. We fell asleep before pasting the pictures in the book.

We had our complimentary breakfast at the Club Lounge which is located on the same floor as our room. We are very serious about the quality of breakfast at hotels even though it is free.

I must say, I was impressed with Grand Park Orchard's club lounge :) Not to mention the cleanliness, spacious area and excellent customer service.

The variety of food was probably lesser than what I had expected of a hotel but the quality of the food deserves thumbs up, especially the Nasi Lemak :)

We had 4 plates of the Nasi Lemak!

One of my favourite combination and their congee is so mushy and digestible.

He loves eggs for breakfast and so do I! ♥︎

We went back to our room for a short nap before checking out at the club lounge.

Despite the pleasant experience at Grand Park Orchard, I wouldn't return for another stay cation because I don't find the price worth a stay cation there.

Marina Bay Sands
It was another stay cation at Marina Bay Sands with my sister. There was a complimentary Orchid Suite for us. We had our high tea at the SkyPark before a dinner at Jin Shan Lou and karaoke with dad.

The Club has changed their menu and I love their red velvet cupcake (replaced the previous carrot cupcake)! Do note that their menu is different everyday, sometimes it meets your expectation and sometimes it does not.

We had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel lobby, RISE. We always had our breakfast at The Club or Sky On 57 but this time, my sister wanted to try breakfast at RISE. I gladly obliged. Prior to this stay cation, I had breakfast and dinner at RISE. Putting aside the thought that it is complimentary, the variety and quality of the food definitely put a smile on my face :) I wouldn't say the same for dinner though, as it's very expensive and I would never recommend it to my friends.

Looking forward to bringing my bf there the next MBS stay cation!

I was posted to a law firm specialising in Intellectual Property law for 2 months. It is not a huge law firm but they have more than 40 associates across Singapore and around the world. My boss also specialises in arbitration. His background is super cool but it remains confidential because I respect his privacy. My senior associate who was also my intern supervisor at work, is a very nice lady who patiently guided us in everything from admin to marketing to book-keeping. It is a small firm so we can learn a bit of everything!

The working environment was very cozy and they arranged a table for each of us.

Everyday, we had lunch together, bringing us to nice restaurants and cafes and they always paid for us because we were not earning much. We've also met influential people such as Senior CID officer, Head of Mount Elizabeth Medical Board, SIA pilots, etc.

They made name cards for us because my boss believes that having name cards is important when meeting clients.

We had to study the basics of Intellectual Property law and we took a test. The boss then gave us a certificate to certify that we have completed our Intellectual Property internship. He had also typed a reference letter for us! :D

I've learned a lot from my senior associates and I'll never forget the happy memories created in IPBC :)


One of my aunts was back from Jakarta and she brought my favourite empek-empek! So I enjoyed my breakfast with my favourite comedian, Ellen :)

Udders with ♥︎

The BBFs decided to have a catch up session before school started. Our original plan was to chill at Timbre but we eventually settled for PasarBella.

♥︎ then came to pick me up and sent me home! :D

One of the days where bf and I worked together and we had prawn mee for lunch again!

♥︎ and I decided to have our tea break at The Coffee Daily.
He decided to decorate the words with the complimentary gem biscuits.

A stay cation with bf at Marina Bay Sands Premier Room :)
We had in room dining for breakfast because Premier Room offers no complimentary breakfast.

Buttermilk Pancakes ♥︎

Finally used the Mickey Mouse cutter ♥︎ and I bought at Isetan. I made a simple and impromptu breakfast quick bites for him before accompanying him to MOE to submit documents.

As mentioned on my instagram (@chingchingchings), I will no longer be working as a steer person and POL-ITE will also be my last race representing my school. After the race, I will no longer be involved in dragonboat.

♥︎ and I had lunch at our favourite pizza place Pizzeria Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands after DBS regatta :)

The funghi pizza was already top on our list and when we ordered it again this time, we realised that it has improved so much - another reason why it's our favourite restaurant in MBS.

School // Year 3
One more year to graduation!!! I really can't believe how time passed so fast!!!
My specialisation is Entrepreneurship (this semester) & Finance (next semester).

I like Entrepreneurship because it's mostly theory and assignment based :)

I've completed 2/4 individual assignments. 1/4 has a quarter more to completion. Another 1/4 is halfway through. Therefore, I'm taking a break now teehee ;)

I'm not feeling very positive about Finance because for someone who is not very good with numbers since primary school, I'm sure I will face some struggle in lectures and tutorials. Oh well, can't regret can't give up because it's my choice.

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