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Marina Bay Sands: Orchid Suite ★

★ Marina Bay Sands Staycation ★
Presidential Suite Part (I)
Presidential Suite Part (II)
Orchid Suite
Premier Room

Just a week before my last paper, I booked a suite at Marina Bay Sands Hotel for a 3D2N staycation. It was a complimentary room so I took this opportunity to "celebrate" the end of exam/year 2 as well as spend time with my best friends and boyfriend before my 2-month internship started :)

After our Human Resource Management paper, I went home to pack my bag and took a cab to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. After checking in, we went to The Club at SkyPark for complimentary high tea because we missed lunch!

Mindy was still sleeping at home so we walked around the SkyPark and took some pictures. Xinwei is a good photographer and I'm not so she was complaining about my bad photography skills HAHAHA we're going back there again someday to retake the pictures ok!

Took some pictures of the suite before Xinwei fell asleep. This woman chionged revision for HRM paper and didn't sleep at all.

Orchid Suite is slightly smaller than Sands Suite but I thought it's perfect for three :)

I like the concept of the room partition between the living room and the bedroom of Orchid Suite because I've never seen such a design in the rooms/suites I stayed in before. It was my first time staying at Orchid Suite.

On the other hand, I don't like the concept because I feel that the living room and bedroom are connected.

The lighting wasn't good in the suite so the pictures turned out a lil blur. Not sure if it's my camera that collected dust. 

Few steps away from the door was a dining area that seats four.

Complimentary TWG and Robert Timms tea bags :)

I opted for a king sized bed instead of two single beds because what is a stay cation with girlfriends without sharing a same bed.

Behind the room partition was another TV. There are sliding doors beside the partition for privacy purpose but I still didn't feel comfortable with the design of the suite.

The bathroom was equipped with the basics and a bathtub and dressing table. Marina Bay Sands has at least one bathtub in every room/suite.

Complimentary chocolates from the hotel.

I found out that my Macbook Pro hard disk crashed! Mindy had to go home to get her Macbook Air and travel down to MBS again  :( Ah, rather not talk about this incident.

Anyway, Mindy managed to connect her Macbook Air to the television! She took a cable from her house that fits both gadgets. Woohooooo!

The girls were hungry so we settled down at Au Chocolat for dinner! ♥︎
The first time I went to Au Chocolat was with Xinwei, after going to the gym at MBS Hotel. We decided to bring Min to Au Chocolat as it was her first time there. I was already feeling sleepy because I didn't take a nap and I was rushing here and there :(

Mushroom Crepe, a must to have! It's so hard to resist!!!

After dinner and walking around MBS, we went back to the hotel and I prepared bubble bath for us! It was my first time doing it so it was quite fail :|

Unlike honeymoon suites, the bathroom is an enclosed area so the humidity level increased rapidly after we dipped into the bathtub. 

After bubble bath, we changed into our pyjamas (all mine because they don't have "cute" pyjamas, haha) and had a mini pillow fight because we are just annoying like that ♥︎

We watched Monsters Inc. from Min's laptop!!!!! ♥︎
I was struggling to stay awake because it was cold and comfy in the suite.

Min was the first to fall asleep because she also didn't have enough sleep the night before. Xinwei was hungry so we decided to go to 7Eleven in our PYJAMAS and SHADES. No doubt we are best friends, we are just like each other, damn steady!

As it was 3AM, all the shops were closed and there weren't a lot of people except the clubbers (probably from Butter Factory or what, I don't know because I don't club). 

Some were impressed, some laughed and some gave us thumbs up and asked if it was a pyjamas party! A dude was just like "WTF" in his drunk mode.


Xinwei and I had to attend training at Kallang at 8AM so she had a brilliant suggestion of a catching up session at the balcony until breakfast time. I was energetic until a part of me gave in to the bed. I slept for 1 hour and dragged myself out of the bed reluctantly :(

We went to the SkyPark to check if The Club or Sky On 57 was ready to serve breakfast but they were closed until 7AM. There weren't much time so the last option was RISE :(

I won't complain much about RISE because it's complimentary.

Our morning was spent at Kallang on a dragon boat. After training, Xinwei went back to the hotel first to with Mindy while I waited for bf at SDBA because he had work.

I waited for him and went back to the hotel together. 

He said he had a surprise for me! It was a swimming costume and a pair of goggles! ♥︎

I asked him to conduct some basic swimming lesson for me but I didn't have swimming costume and goggles. I wanted to buy on the first day of the stay cation but we know everything in MBS is way overpriced! 

I was thinking of going to Marina Square to get a swimming costume but this man got everything prepared for me! ♥︎

The girls were still at MBS so we had a swim together!
Photographer: Mindy 

I didn't intend to get a bikini because I don't want to reveal too much. I respect my boyfriend. It's just my principle.

♥︎ Important people in my life ♥︎

The girls left the hotel to spend time with their families while the bf and I got some food for our dinner!

We bought our favourite cup noodles with chilli crab flavour from Cold Storage and ordered our favourite mushroom pizza from MOZZA! We ate the pizza and saved the cup noodles for supper! Our plan was to stay up all night to watch movie and snack but we were too exhausted from work/swimming. 

We fell asleep and I woke up at 3AM, feeling hungry so he prepared the cup noodles for me :)

We went back to sleep AGAIN and woke up around 8AM for breakfast! My favourite place to have complimentary breakfast at MBS is Sky On 57. It's posh and has a very relaxed ambience unlike The Club and RISE where it's crowded and noisy.

I always order Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon when I have breakfast on Sky On 57 or The Club because it's the only place I can satisfy my craving without having to pay.

I always think Eggs Benedict at cafes are expensive.
It's not being cheapskate but I always match the price with the standard/quality of the food.

As bf also loves eggs, we ordered another plate of omelette :)

We went back to the hotel for a short nap before packing up and making sure that we left nothing behind.

It was an awesome stay cation with the girls and my bf though our plans didn't work out. I'm working on another stay cation where all of us are free from school/work and I'll make sure that all of us have enough rest the night before the stay cation HAHAHA.

Meanwhile, let me check my schedule and wait for another complimentary room :)

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