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Hello! I'm back from the 4 days 3 nights Ngee Ann Polytechnic Student Union Freshmen Orientation Camp - NPSUFOC :)


On that day, I almost didn't want to go for the camp. I was too lazy to take a bus with my heavy bag (well, not exactly heavy) so I decided to call for cab, but there wasn't any cab available. I took bus 317 out to Serangoon Gardens Circus, hoping to get one there.

I waited for 20 minutes but still no cab in sight! I tweeted "Okay so if I can't get a cab in the next 10 minutes, I'm not going to FOC" I think I'm fated to attend FOC because a comfort cab appeared after I tweeted!

 As I was from National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC), all the camps I attended were kinda strict. Like, if one person didn't arrive on time, everyone would get punished together (eg. push ups) so camp was like a phobia to me. 


The first person I met when I entered the convention centre was my primary school friend, Joanne! She is a group leader of Triton.

 We had registration and they grouped us randomly! I am in FREYR! My sub group is F2 - FRAUJUZ!

 So the GLs introduced themselves and taught us some cheers! Starting with the first group cheer!
(A LOT OF NEW AND COOL CHEERS IN THIS CAMP! Unlike other boring camp cheers!)

 After that, we played a game (I don't know what's the name) and it's like a snake.
I met my LMSC (NPCC course) friend - MANJU!

Then, we were divided into sub group (F1/F2/F3/F4 and I'm in F2) and introduced ourselves! I was wearing the SPCA shirt with a picture of a dog and dog earring so I introduced myself as a dog lover hahaha. We had lunch and omg it was the best camp food!

Honestly, our food for the 4 days camp was freaking awesome! As compared to other camp food, it's like heaven! Whoever settled our meal, you're awesome :) A small group of us played concentration while waiting for the next activity.

 We were blindfolded and paired with another partner from other sub groups. My partner is Prashan! Haha funny dude! He also look like Mr Bean! I thought my head was resting on someone's leg and I poked it and asked "HAHAHA WHOSE LEG IS THIS?" and Prashan replied "IT'S MY HAND!!!!"

We introduced ourselves and talked a lot :) I kept laughing non stop and he's like "Ahhhh my hand is vibrating when you're laughing!" then we started laughing together.

 Mass Dance after! The GLs demonstrated the dance for us and taught us step by step. There were 3 parts - Party Rock Anthem, We Found Love, On The Floor. Our partner is the person we were paired with when we were blindfolded. PRASHAN IS REALLY AWESOME AND FUNNY! We laughed so much!

We started off with Party Rock Anthem first and I realized I can't dance for nuts. Then, we were brought to the sports complex and placed our bags at the sports hall before going for a shower! Woohoo! I was the first batch to shower so I didn't have to wait :)

Dinner at grandstand. I had second serving, shared with Nathaniel!

 Haha erm ok we had some activity somewhere. GL/DH told us something and something about respecting the night.

 Then to the LT for movie - Clash of the Titans. Wah the movie I tell you! I don't like to watch this kind of movie so I ended up falling asleep. Was with Kenneth, JK, Nathaniel and Cynthia at the back row.

Kenneth damn funny!
 "I want to whack someone now"
"Because I damn bored"

 We had roti boy for supper!  Was thinking of taking home for mum since she likes roti boy :p

 JK was called out by DH shaowen and never returned. Finally around 12.57am, I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE so we called for the camp commandant (i think) and requested to go back to the sports hall to sleep. She told us we could and I wanted to go back with Cynthia but she needs a boy and a girl. I persuaded Nathaniel to go with me since Kenneth wanted to watch the movie.

 We met Victoria and Shaun (also from Freyr) outside the LT and they told us we would go for another night activity.

 We asked one of the GLs if there's any night walk and he/she said "No lah, you come freshmen orientation, we are here to welcome you, not to scare you" We were disappointed but that moment they told us there is gonna be another night activity, woohoo! We knew it's night walk!

 Because Nathaniel was trained in martial arts (i think) and he would auto hit someone/something if it scares him out of nowhere (he's trained) so he's like our leader. Hero man I tell you! Shaun was such a joker hahaha.

 Ok so let's start with our night walk story!

 We were led to block 50 (the legendary haunted block) and the lift opened. The lift couldn't close properly and that really freaked us out a little. Nathaniel was the one checking out if there's any ghosts popping out to scare us and we were like "okay when we walk out, there would be a ghost on the left to scare us"  Our guesses were always so accurate.

 So our 1st station - we were given a choice to remove our shoes or wear it to the boys toilet. I asked the ghost if we could wear it but he said we would regret. Shaun accidentally elbowed one of the ghosts.


 Nathaniel opened the door and found out that the floor was wet so we removed our shoes. We were given a glowstick to read the message on the mirror. There were 2 female ghosts inside and the message on the mirror says "FIND MY BABY" so we went to search every cubicle.

When Nathaniel opened the 3rd cubicle, there's a male ghost hanging and RAHHHHHHHHHHH so we were kinda shocked. I even asked the male ghost (who was half naked),

"Eh your body hot or not? Can touch?"

 I mean... no harm right? We couldn't find the baby so female ghost 1 told us it's in the last cubicle. Shaun took the baby and we returned the baby to the other female ghost 2.

 We left the toilet but the male ghost shouted at us "Don't wear your shoe here! Hurry up!" We also noticed a male ghost resting at the side. Must be the ghost that Shaun elbowed earlier on! So we lan lan took our shoes and continued our journey.

We went down the stairs and a female ghost told us to enter this room. Ok so we entered and followed the glowsticks.


 Nathaniel was searching for the source of the eerie sound effect and he felt an iPhone on one of the tables. He pressed the home button and a couple photo appeared as the lock screen picture!!! I wanted to take a closer look at it but we were too excited to see what's in store for us.

 (After the night walk, Shaun was like we should have changed the song from the iPhone!)

 Another female ghost told us to sprinkle water on the mummy lying down, behind the screen. We couldn't find any water so we asked the female ghost where to get it and she pointed at the bowl of water beside the mummy. Nathaniel sprinkled the water on the mummy. The moment the water reached the mummy, it came alive and started going berserk + the effect damn nice!

They made it as if there's lightning and the sound effect also quite scary. The female ghost also touched Shaun's face and Shaun said "Oi why you touch my face? Don't touch my face leh."

 HAHAHA THIS SHAUN AH... Then we went down another level. And a ghost brought us to the balcony (it's like balcony lah) and...

Ghost : Look at the sky and shout "may your soul rest in peace 3 times"
Ghost : No. Say... may your soul rest in peace 3 times.

 Nathaniel, Victoria and I were still laughing so only Shaun played along! He was still giggling when he said that. HAHA EPIC MOMENT.

 Then we were led to another room. This time, we could see the female ghost's face because she wasn't like other ghosts where the hair was let down and covered the whole face. She said "It's my sister's birthday today. Please come in."

 I told her, "Hey, you look quite cute!"

 Ok we entered the room. Her sister was sitting there and went crazy! The cute ghost told us to look for her white dolls amongst the trash. There were chairs beside the birthday ghost and she wanted the girls (victoria and me) to sit with her while the boys searched for the trash. The birthday ghost kept screaming for her dolls so Victoria and I said "Don't worry lah they will find the dolls for you!"

 The boys found a doll but it was black so they had to continue searching for the white one!

 I touched the birthday ghost's thigh and felt her shorts. No don't get me wrong. I was trying to comfort her by tapping her shoulder and thigh. So I asked "are you one of the crews?" and I even wanted to see her face but she ignored me and went crazy HAHA so ok lor I don't disturb. The boys finally found her white doll and returned to her.

 When we stood up and about to leave the room, the tables and chairs started moving (they used strings and pull it) OK that scared victoria and me because we weren't prepared. I shouted "MAINTAIN A BIT! RESPECT THE NIGHT!"

When we were walking out of the room, Shaun almost tripped over the string used to pull the tables and chairs. Shaun even told the ghosts! "Hey you guys must be careful with the strings. If not the next group might trip over it."


 Ok honestly the whole night walk was scary if I were to walk alone!

 It was funny and not that scary because of my partners! I remember squeezing Nathaniel's arm and Victoria holding on to Shaun because we were scared but after that it wasn't so bad and we started laughing like crazy!

I have a feeling I left out some stations but I hope I didn't.

So that's the end of our fun night walk. The best night walk ever and I would never forget such a memorable one :)

We met the group before us and JK was there (we were the 2nd group) and we shared our stories! Joel told me "Athena, we're in the same group in OBS" Oh my god I couldn't recognize him! He was from Daryl's group, Raleigh. I was from Magellan but we were all from the same mobile :)

We left after few groups came down to join us.

Some groups went to other blocks for their night walk but we were fortunate to experience a night walk in block 50.

Went back to the sports hall, brushed teeth, washed face and slept with Victoria! We waited for Edlind to come back. Some of them came back as late as 4am!

Oh oh oh.

Because our DH has mohawk hairstyle (I just like mohawk hairstyle because reminds me of Taeyang hahaha) and I told Li Tong "I would never leave this camp in peace if I don't get to touch the DH's hair"

DAY 2 (Dirty Games!)

We reported at 10am at the grandstand but we had brunch instead of breakfast because it was too late.

We learned 2nd part of the mass dance!

We were told to wear the attire (we were told to bring a set of attire to throw it away) for dirty games. OMG I ALMOST DIED IN THE FIRST STATION HAHA. We had to eat the marshmallow with soy sauce, pick up marbles from dirty water using our feet, ROLL IN THE SOY SAUCE and make a structure using poker cards. Flour was also poured on us.

We requested for more flour to be poured on us because it would be less dirty.

AND OH I forgot to mention this. We had to fight for marbles throughout the camp! It's like a currency.

After the 1st station, I swear I have a phobia for soy sauce now hahaha.

We went on to other dirty games station but one wasn't dirty because it's like shooting cans with a toy gun. I swear it's the lamest station ever. Not because the game was lame but because the toy gun wasn't a good gun. Even marksman cannot shoot properly with the gun! No matter how good your aiming is, the bullet is crap. Ok, because it's toy gun duh.

We moved on to the 3rd station where we had to pass the ping pong ball from one end to the other but had to prevent the ping pong ball from falling off. We even had to draw dark circles/decorate our faces with paints/camo.

The 4th station was picking up sticks and if you lose, had to drink something they prepared (orange with egg) Wasn't so bad though but I thought the game was just real lame.

We also came up with Fraujuz cheer! Ok not really us but CS, Beldric and some group mates!

Ok damn I kinda forgotten what happened next. We went back to sports complex for dinner, shower and continued with our night activities. Oh our DHs (division head) got kidnapped by the crew and we had to use our marbles to redeem them.

After our night activities, we went back to the sports complex and found our DHs tied to the pillars! A representative from each sub group had to search for their items on the field.

I was charging my phone with other girls and the DH came to patrol. I requested to touch his hair because I had to book out the next day! (Li Tong, I could leave the camp in peace hahaha)

DAY 3 (Wet activities!)


Wet activities are always the best (unless having period). The astroturf was burning our feet and the GLs/crews were splashing water on our feet to cool us down. The 1st game was to pass the water bombs from one end to the other using trash bags!

I saw this crew member whom I met during the dragonboat polite race last year but I think she couldn't remember me. I took quite awhile to remember her too.

2nd activity was like a minesweeper. Google it. Haha sorry I really don't know how to explain!

3rd activity was like pull it! Ok I don't want to explain liao hahaha because I don't know how! My first partner was Nathaniel then Willi/Alloysius (THEY LOOK LIKE TWINS SO I FORGOT WHO OMG).

4th activity is scissors paper stone lose then kena splash. Haha doesn't matter la wet already anyway.

Woohoo the next activity! We had to pick the smallest size in our group to be wrapped as a mummy (they used toilet paper) Then we had to protect the mummy! Other groups would start attacking us (and we would attack them too) so we had the attackers, defenders, pickers, etc. I was with few other girls as defenders!

We surrounded our mummy sheik and there was another group of defenders defending us. We could hardly breathe! Every time we wanna breathe, there would be incoming attack! Wah damn stress! But the girls made friends. Haha our arms were around the shoulders so we started introducing ourselves while the groups/crews attacked us. Ziyi was busy wrapping Shiek with more toilet paper!

Then showered, dinner, camp finale.

The camp finale was ooooh la la~

There's a guest of honour to commence the camp finale. He machiam doing announcement instead of opening speech sia! -.-

Then there were skits by the GLs! Loveeeee it :)

We were led to somewhere else (I don't know the school well yet lah so I don't know) for hop night. COOL EH? So sad I don't know how to dance hahaha.

Edwyn and I don't know how to dance so we stick together. Met Nathaniel, Ebenezer and the rest who don't know/don't want to dance so we lepak at the back. I fell asleep though.

Went back to the sports complex and had supper. Because it was the last day, many people didn't want to sleep so they played some games. Hahaha sorry ah I cannot tank so I fell asleep after 2 hours. The GLs wanted to draw on those who fell asleep. Since I'm gonna kena anyway, I told them they can draw on my hands and legs but not my face.

Thank you everyone! Love the GLs, crews (ok though I don't know most of them), fellow freshies (esp freyr) and everyone there! ❤

(I also found someone with the same name as me - Athena!)

Ok so I booked out early in the morning at 6am! Took a cab home and omg omg omg omg omg omg my dogs were the happiest dog and I was the happiest person on earth! 4 days didn't meet my baby dogs <3

Yup so went home and rest and went for Wakin Chau's concert at Marina Bay Sands with mum, aunt and sister :) Dad got us 5 tickets! Wakin Chau was there to perform for paiza card holders and I have the privilege to sit right in front!

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