Monday, 13 August 2012

Disney World - Animal Kingdom ♥

The Tree of Life is the icon of Animal Kingdom
I love animal conservation theme park :)

Same outfit as the one I wore to Magic Kingdom because I didn't bring enough clothes.
It was summer in America but we hardly perspire.
Dad was complaining about the sun so he bought a cap for himself. I bought myself a goofy cap too!

The first theme we visited was Camp Minnie-Mickey where everything is designed like a rustic summer camp. There is only one show here which is the Festival of Lion King.
Festival of Lion King show is a live musical performance with aerobics! *plays circle of life*

Daisy duck and her ducklingsssss

My favorite theme is AFRICA because I love the Kilimanjaro Safaris :)

African village of Harambe

Would love to visit Africa someday :)

Here's some additional knowledge for you but the words are too small

Ready to board the open sided safari vehicle for an expedition in the Harambe Wildlife Reserve :) It is an approximately 20 minutes ride?

White Rhinoceros

Spot the red kangaroo hiding behind the tree

Nothing special about hippopotamus since we can find it in the zoo too hahaha but it always reminds me of my dad because when we were younger, he brought us to the Night Safari and he said if we are naughty, he would jump in to the pool or whatever it is.

Enjoying the ride ~~~~~~~~

Love my goofy hat!!!!!

Most of the animals in the reserve are quite old

My favorite part of the harambe wildlife reserve!!!

No words to describe the beauty, it's so peaceful :')

Reminds us of how our dogs sit HAHAHA

After the expedition through the reserves (forest/wetland/savanna), we went to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail ~~~

It really saddens me when I read info like animals going extinct, SIGH...

Giraffe's cousin

The Okapi. There are black and white stripes on the lower part of it's body and my mum said it's ZEBRA! Anything with black and white stripes is zebra to her HAHAHA. She would probably thinks that prisoners in black and white stripes are zebras too.

Have never seen this before so it's interesting to me!
The skulls of female gorilla, male gorilla and human...

The gorilla who refused to come nearer to us because we were noisy

Entering ASIA.........

There are some booths where they invited people from different countries in Asia to share more about their culture. The Thai lady wrote my name in Thai but I'm too lazy to take a picture of it now HAHA. 

Maharajah Jungle Trek. Dad was complaining about this Tiger because there's nothing much about it and nothing special about the trek.

Snacks before Flights of Wonder, a live bird show which is kinda lame la so.... we left after 20 mins of the show when it's a 30 mins show

We took the Kali River Rapids and we were the only ones wearing raincoat!!! Just asians being asians. Or maybe just Singaporeans being Singaporeans :p It was a short ride though but everyone was soaked!

The Kali River Rapids in Australia Brisbane Dreamworld is way more exciting :)

I would never get tired of disney's parades hehe :)

My sisters and I took the Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. We raced down the icy mountain and it is the best ride among all the rides I had taken in Disneyworld :)

Next... We move to DinoLand USA
Brought my mum and dad to take this ride with us! Every time my parents bring us to theme parks, they would wait for us when we take the rides so sometimes I would feel bad and skip the rides while my sisters go for it

We thought the ride wasn't scary so we persuaded mum and dad to take it with us but it turned out that the turns are really fast because it's free spinning!!! Dad and mum felt dizzy after the ride but it was fun because we laughed a lot during the ride :p

You see, I don't really get to take rides with my parents because they're kinda scared, especially my dad HAHA. So yup I was really happy :D

We also watched Finding Nemo - The musical

The effects are superb and I love nemo because I always emo. LOL OK NOT EVEN FUNNY I apologize.

We also took the DINOSAUR ride and I felt dizzy after it. On par with Everest ride but I would prefer Everest.

Then we took a taxi and the driver brought us to a few chinese restaurants.
At first, he brought us to a restaurant with chinese buffet but when we walked into the place, we knew it's not authentic chinese cuisine. Then he brought us to PANDA EXPRESS where they sell chinese fast food.

Fast food to us is a no no and dad wants an authentic Chinese restaurant and we finally settled down in Dragon Restaurant. Considering that we were in America, I think the food was acceptable.

After all, we are still Chinese.

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