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Disney World - Epcot & Hollywood Studios ♥

Disney's Magic Kingdom : (Post)
Disney's Animal Kingdom : (Post)

After magic kingdom, we visited Epcot. Yes, we spent less than 8 hours in Magic Kingdom! 
I didn't know Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, until I decided to google more about it in the hotel. This is one of our favorite theme parks! I think dad loves it because the first impression was good, at the Spaceship Earth :)

Spaceship Earth, the icon of Epcot

Housed within the 18-story geodesic sphere that takes guests on a time machine themed experience using the Omnimover system. The 13-minute dark ride shows guests how advancements in human communication have helped to create the future one step at a time. The attraction is a timeline from the origins of prehistoric man to the dawn of the 21st century, where guests can then create a future for themselves.

So I created my future HAHAHA

We were led to to a pre show theatre to watch a short film known as Kinetic Mosaic by Ellen DeGeneres.

Then we entered the Theatre I film where we were seated and Ellen and Bill Nye talked about Big Bang. We also explored more about the dinosaur world and fossil energy etc through a 7 minute ride. Impressed with the effects.

Leaving the diorama, there was a live action film by Ellen and Bill Nye about the various current and future energy sources.

Epcot is also famous for World Showcase of 11 countries. It felt like I had visited 11 countries in one day! 

The first country we visited was The Mexico Pavilion with the Mesoamerican pyramid.

There were many mexican artwork in the plaza and a restaurant (San Angel Inn) with an indoor lagoon!

We took the "River of Time" boat cruise
Doll sized figures in authentic folk clothing, playing music, singing and dancing ~
Sucha happy scene :)

There were also volcanoes, merchants and traders bargaining with each other and it ended with fireworks across the night sky in Mexico City.

The Norway Pavilion

We were so excited because there's a chinese restaurant in China! Yeah we were kinda desperate for chinese cuisine in America.
And you know the feeling sucks when you don't really see Asians in America. I feel so out of place.

The Paifang gate in front of the temple and stores!

Replica of the Temple of Heaven in China

In the temple of heaven, there's a 360 degrees show of Reflections of China including China's history, scenery and culture and many more.......... It's so beautiful I was "begging" dad to bring me to every part of china to explore the beauty~

The museum which displays ancient chinese artifacts

One of the shops in the courtyard

There's one chinese restaurant, Nine Dragons restaurant and one cafe, Lotus Blossom Cafe.
The cafe served fast food and we were like NO So we went to Nine Dragons

We guessed the food wouldn't be up to our expectation but oh well, it's still kinda asian hahaha.
We were craving for dim sum and I even wanted to send a request to Singapore Airlines about serving dim sum on the plane back to Singapore!

LOL Dad even told the captain their food sucks

Gong bao chicken!

After dinner, we rushed to see visit other countries because the sun was setting and we wanted to catch the fireworks

The sunset is so different in Disney World! We can NEVER get this in Singapore so I brought it back with me :)

Disney World gives me hope :)

Look at the beauty of Disney World, just look ♡♡♡♡♡

GERMANY Pavilion

Too used to carrying my Paul's Boutique bag and this bag is too small for my to carry it on my shoulder HAHA sucks to grow up

Can never get enough of beautiful sunset :')

ITALY Pavilion

Just like Venetian in Las Vegas

That girl at the back damn annoying spoil my picture only

The American Adventure Pavilion

JAPAN Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

France Pavilion

We found a space to sit down and waited for the fireworks

My view was really bad because of the banner arghhhhh but none is better than magic kingdom's :)


They have free disney bus transport to bring us around the resort!

The Muppet Vision in 3D is more like a 4D like the one in hong kong's disneyland (mickey and friends), brisbane's movie world and singapore's universal studios (shrek)

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!
The show includes reenacted scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The stunts and special effects are really wowmazing

Some entertainment to get the show started~
They were asked to do different poses and expressions

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
13 story elevator plunge and I was feeling reluctant to go but my sister kept telling me "YOLO" and I was like okay lor........ Anyway we took the fast pass so yeap! It was my first time taking this kind of ride okay! The caucasian guy beside me was laughing at me and he said I could hold his arm if I'm scared.

LOL I did. I was holding on to my sister's arm as well because I swear it was damn scary for a first timer like me. After the ride, we felt like it was okay and wanted to go for the second round but the queue was too long already.

The 2 sisters took this rock n roller coaster

Sadly we didn't get to watch 
Walt Disney ; One Man's Dream
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
and more.....

because we were too tired as we just got off the plane so we went back to our hotel to sleep!

Waiting for the parade.... (Omg I'm so sleepy blogging already......)

Dad bought cup noodles and snacks from the walmart 

So tired I'm just gonna end with this pretty picture :)

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