Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tsai Chin Dinner & Concert

We were invited by Marina Bay Sands Paiza to Tsai Chin's 蔡琴 dinner and concert at the Sands Grand Ballroom :) I love Tsai Chin, she's awesome but no one replace Teresa Teng in my heart. I can't really compare because they are unique in their own way :)


Before dinner, few big shots of Marina Bay Sands addressed the guests and welcomed Tsai Chin. Dinner was served before the concert. It was a long wait and most of the paiza guests wanted to go to the casino but no one left the ballroom, this shows how popular Tsai Chin is. I went with my mum and aunts.

I didn't eat the double boiled shark's fin broth because I'm against shark finning and I don't understand why do people eat shark's fin when it's tasteless? You might as well just drink the soup -.-
I love baked cod fish with teriyaki sauce. Teriyaki sauce goes well with almost everything :)

Tsai Chin 蔡琴 is a pop and folk singer from Taiwan :)

Here are some of my favorite songs by Tsai Chin. 

恰似你的温柔 (Just Like Your Tenderness)

The concert at sands grand ballroom was similar to this when she sang 恰似你的温柔 and everyone sang along :)

被遗忘的时光 (Forgotten Time)



Some people laugh at me when I say I love chinese oldies but honestly, look, the lyrics are so meaningful. It's a sad thing the younger generation doesn't know how to appreciate good chinese oldies. Music these days are just ridiculous.


Thank you Marina Bay Sands :)

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