Friday, 30 November 2012

hello guys! back with a post because i'm bored and i don't know what's with life now.
one/two weeks to common tests and i'm not prepared yet, just hope i will maintain and IMPROVE my GPA of 3.x

returned my paddle and rowed for the last time last saturday. have to leave dragon boat because my parents don't allow me to continue.

4 reasons why:
1) according to them, it's dangerous (even if I learn how to swim, it's still dangerous)
2) to them, being tanned is ugly
3) clashes with feng shui (LOL WTF I KNOW)
i don't want them to feel unhappy so yeah i have no choice but to leave...

anyway, went to do town to support some seniors for an ergo challenge which was held in town. quite a weird place... xinwei and I did our customer service excellence (CSE) e-learning project at 313@somerset and we had loads of fun!!!!!!!

 it's always fun with her :)

yay she's dragon boat now! kinda sad 'cos we didn't get a chance to train together (except saturday's) really miss the cca and the people.

had ba envoys duty for the top ceremony awards yesterday! i really love meeting new envoys because they are so friendly! :D made new friends too yay!

so some stuff running through my mind now...

- dad came back from his business trip on wednesday and i wanted to surprise him at the airport but failed 'cos i didn't ask for his flight number and time (in the end he flew back from shanghai instead of guangzhou)
- i love this semester's tutors yay
- ba envoys duty for ba family day tomorrow
- need to start studying
- must spend more time with my dogs after all the common tests and shit
- james is away in tekong for his outfield now. i'm waiting for him to book out :)
- wanna go italy venice rome milan next year. must talk to dad about it
- wanna go back to shelter to wash the dog kennels, play with them and just help
- tired
- damn tired
- poly life sucks

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