Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Term Break and One Thing I Hate


Not exactly very happy because we still have the major exam in February so this means that we cannot forget what we learnt in term 1 but oh well, at least it's still a break. I am currently planning about what to do during this term break. Of course, planning activities for my dogs is a must. I also plan to read up about what I learnt in term 1. Nope, I'm not competitive but I just don't wanna forget because my memory is really bad. Principles of Accounting paper and Microeconomics paper were doable but died at Business Law paper especially MCQs. Whatever, it's over already...

And I really hate people who keep discussing about the answers after papers. I mean, wtf it's over and just shut the f up and enjoy your term break. I feel damn sad for these people....... What actually disgusts me is that some people would discuss with you because they think their answers are correct so they purposely tell you stuff and make you nervous.

I don't really care about the answers because it's OVER but I just feel annoyed when people do that, like seriously, look at me, DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?
So annoying so please just shut the f up and stop it because seriously nobody cares :) You can go home and tell your mum dad grandma grandpa or whoever at home because I think they would be happier.

You want hao lian go hao lian to those 4.0 kids la hor?

So a week before Common Tests period, I went to consult my POA tutor and he's really nice! He even stayed back on a Saturday noon to help us. He treated us Mcdonalds meal too :) I didn't want to eat but Shirri, Kimmie and Cynthia was like "Just eat laaaaaaa..." and I gave in HAHA.
Have been eating too much of Mcdonalds recently. Had Fillet-O-Fish meal few days ago and Breakfast Deluxe the next day. I felt so fat but I didn't really care because it was exam period and I didn't have Mcdonalds for quite some time so yup, finally :) Won't be having Mcdonalds for the next few months yay!

He shared some ghost stories with us (School and some other places) and I was damn scared please, don't even dare to sleep properly at night. He also tried to offer some snacks and said this ginger snack would keep us awake. I like ginger so I thought it would be nice but it turned out to be really disgusting HAHAHA

This is a picture of him with his favorite weird snack...

So it's my 18th birthday on Friday...... It scares me how I'm growing up so fast... I really don't want to. This thought makes me realize I have no more time to waste so I'm just gonna do whatever I can/want now :)

James won't be able to celebrate my birthday with me because he can't book out and he has some activity on Sunday so he's booking out on Saturday morning and booking in at night. Birthday is just another day to remind me that I'm growing older so not celebrating might not be a bad thing HAHA but I welcome anyone who wishes to celebrate with me la okay :)

Shannon and Yanxiu came to my house today! We were searching articles for our Business Law project and they wanted to see my dogs! Haha my dogs are so much well behaved now. Kudos babies! Way to go! :D

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