Thursday, 15 November 2012


Just had lunch at pizzeria mozza @ marina bay sands with mum, dad and wen. Had my usual favorites - fungi pizza (I love mushrooooooooms), fried potatoes with mayonnaise (everything goes well with mayo), mussels al forno and mushroom salad!

Simple outfit with DKNY watch

Complimentar y/ Mussels al forno

Menu / Fungi Pizza

I brought my tutorial, laptop and cesar millan's book because I wanted to study at Coffee Bean @ MBS

Espresso for dad & Latte for me / Seafood pasta with muscles, scallops & lobster

Dad played the bubble shoot game on my phone and always "shit!" when he lost. Haha he's so cute.

Anyway just an update to keep this blog alive (hate it when my blog is so dead and quiet...... ok not like it's very noisy now hahaha)

Had breakfast at Marina Bay Sands Rise before heading to school. I don't like Rise but I had no other choices because dad was not there to bring me to The Club since the room we were staying in was not club room.

French toast, hash browns, baked beans, scrambled egg, chicken sausage, bacon / Chinese dumplings, carrot cake, vegetable dumpling, kaya bun

Chamomile tea / Briyani, smoked salmon, noodles

I went to Kusu Island to pray with my mum. Yeap, we go there every year :)
I love this beautiful island! I feel so free and happy there :)

Mum and her cute daughter heheh ♡ / Mum brought fruits ♡

Had carboload dinner with NPDB at CPF building Sakae Sushi

Singapore River Regatta (SRR)



Nugget the Goldie :)

Sigh. Hopefully I can go back soon..........

Gerald bought this for me from Japan! Hope he's doing well in Tekong now!

Arbite breakfast / Arbite eggs benedict
I think the food is average and the price is def above average lol

Arbite mushroom soup / Kim Gary fried mushroom rice with fish fillet
I'M A LOVE OF MUSHROOM and this fried mushroom rice is the BEST

Dessert after dinner with Gerald before he enlists
Haagen Dazs ice cream with espresso? / Rum & raisin and 2 other flavors 

My fav nasi lemak mum bought for me / Fish and chips @ Jack's Place

Sunset I captured on my way home / James so cuteeeeeeee had lunch at o school after watching ah boys to men

It has been a long time....... :') Mum had a sudden crave for KFC so we took bus down to NEX and bought chicken and cheeeeese fries!

I love the mashed potato and mum used to feed us KFC mash potato all the time heheh.

Oh man........ work and projects all piling up.
E learning next week means more shit is coming....
Goodnight <3

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