Thursday, 13 December 2012

18th birthday wishes

Birthday wishes
  • Zegna to slim down and her fungal infection to disappear
  • Humans learn to love dogs/help more stray dogs and stop killing dogs!
  • James to book out early (a bit impossible but........... I really miss him hahaha)
  • Stop raining for one evening so I can bring Zegna and Buddy out for a walk
  • At least B+ for Principles of Accounting
  • At least B+ for Microeconomics
  • At least B for Business Law
  • Meet up with NPCC HK OEV peeps
  • Meet up with NPCC squad mates
  • Meet up with NDP09 NPCC contingent peeps
..... and all the same wishes
Family (including my two doggies), friends and myself to stay healthy and happy :)

It's scary how I'm growing up so fast. I'm not a fan of celebrating my birthday because it's a reminder "YOU ARE A YEAR OLDER........."

My first birthday celebration with friends in 2009. They're my favorite people! NPCC HK OEV 2009 peeps ♡♡♡♡♡
We met in Pasir Ris and had lunch at Pastamania then went to the park where these lovely people surprised me with a cake :)

Thank you Zheng Qian, Aaron, Vladimir, Eunice, Rebecca, Fathin, Jiamin and of course the photographer Terence Sir :)

NPCC Overseas Educational Trip to Hong Kong and Macau was the best experience in my whole NPCC life. It was also my first overseas trip without my parents. I really have to thank my teacher-in-charge for giving me this chance to meet awesome and lovely people like them :)
Some of them are not in this picture but I really miss EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. I still look at the pictures we took in Hong Kong/Macau and.... :') No words can describe my love for them.
Everyone has grown up, from O levels to A level, some from cadets to cadet inspectors.......
Can't wait to see all of them!!!!!!!!!


My second birthday celebration with friends! My dear NPCC squad mates for 4 years! We met in Orchard and went to Xinwang Cafe then they gave me a surprise at Toa Payoh Skygarden! And this Kale made me a huge card! I place it at my cupboard where I can see it everyday :) I really thank god for having them in my life. I wouldn't have survived my NPCC days without them!
I really felt like quitting but this Kale talked to me and yeah went through sec 4 and sec 5 :)
Sec 5 life was really horrible without them because all of them went to JC/Poly!

Now that some have graduated from JCs, some in poly year 2, I really wanna meet them soon :') We have all grown up hehe Kale also joined Canoe Polo, SO DARK NOW the color really ah........ jialat..... chaotah until cannot!

Love you all x

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