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Viva Las Vegas! ♥

After the insane 18 hours flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Los Angeles International Airport and 4 hours of transfer flight to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (blog post), a limousine from The Venetian came to pick us up at the airport.

Dad was telling us about the tips rule (15%) in Las Vegas. Most of the people there depend on tips -.-

I remember my primary school teacher told us about Las Vegas and about the jackpot machines in the airport. Las Vegas is one of the places I wish to visit the most!!! Venice is next on the list!!!

The moment we hit on the road, the whole place is really like a paradise! Yeah this is why everyone says Vegas is a paradise on earth :)

Reached The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and we were welcomed by the paiza club host, Carol.

SO BEAUTIFUL ♥♥♥ It really felt like I was in Venice! Not like I've been to Venice before but I've been doing research on the internet, hahaha.

I've seen pictures and heard about The Venetian Hotel and I was SUPER excited when dad told us we're going to stay in The Venetian! Not to mention I'm a huge fan of Venice too :)

Everything is so elegant, love it :)

We checked in at the VIP lounge and had some snacks. The VIP lounge serves delicious snacks! Though both are under Las Vegas Sands Corp, Marina Bay Sands VIP lounge's snacks can't be compared to The Venetian's.

Before we leave the hotel, I always walk to the VIP lounge to eat (yes, even after lunch/dinner!)

Just as I was about to get more, the host gave us our room keys and we had to leave :( 

I realized ALMOST ALL the hotels have the same pattern. Entrance > Lobby > Casino > Elevator to the rooms. So before you take the elevator to your room, you would have to pass by the casino.  The only thing I don't like about The Venetian is that we had to walk quite far to take the elevator.

The casinos are open to all. The age limit is 21 but I don't think they would care even if you're under 21. 

Phantom of the Opera Theatre
Carol said I could get free tickets but I didn't have the chance (no time)  to watch it. It's a regret because I love watching Phantom.

The Venetian has 36 stories and we stayed on the 32 storey. Two connecting suites for us!

There are dining table, study table, sofa, TV...

My sisters slept in the other room with a king sized bed while mum and dad slept in this room (below) with a king sized bed. So where did I sleep? We requested for an extra bed to be put at the living room and yup, that's MY bed. I'm a daddy and mummy's girl :)

The only thing is, it feels like it's haunted at night..... (too much of A Haunting on Discovery Channel)

Okay, so this is mum and dad's suite,

Love the light effect and decoration of the bathroom! There's a bathtub too, though obviously I didn't get a chance to use it...

Living room...

View of the living room from mum and dad's room

View of the bedroom from the living room...

Sisters' room, not very comfy...

Our rooms were located at the very end, good exercise after our meals. No wonder I didn't gain weight.


I've seen my friends uploading pictures of The Venetian, Macau. And here I am, The Venetian, Las Vegas Grand Canal Shoppes!!! Everything is so real... I really can't wait to visit Venice :')

Gonna upload more pictures in Part 2 of Viva Las Vegas!

We went for dinner/supper at Noodle Asia! You speak to the chinese waiters and waitresses in mandarin, they reply you in english -.- 

We went out for a walk at around 1230AM

Love the Venetian Gothic architecture ♥♥♥

Dad says we should take picture with our hotel. LOL my dad is so cute.

We spotted a crowd and went to take a look.......


Celine Dion caught my attention ♡

Flamingo... One of the oldest hotels/casinos

In Caesars Palace,


We missed the dancing waters at the bellagio fountains but we managed to catch it before we leave Las Vegas!

Living statues earning tips but they are too fake. FAIL. Any living statue in Singapore can do a better job. Even if they want tips, at least do a good job right.

The Roller Coaster (previously manhattan express)

Rainforest Cafe @ MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
I remember there was one at Liang Court because it used to be our favorite place to have dinner (We had dinner there almost every week) Singapore should reopen rainforest cafe!

MGM Grand. Every hotel is unique in their own way.

We walked quite a distance from the hotel and took cab back.

Complimentary from the hotel.

When going to western countries, my dad has this habit of eating at the same chinese restaurant everyday. He cannot live without chinese cuisine/asian food. I remember when we were in Australia, Brisbane, we visited this restaurant owned by a malaysian, for 7 days!

So we decided to have italian cuisine (dad and I really hate american cuisine)

We ordered warm water (which is obviously tap water) but it tasted like shit. I don't know how to describe the taste but it's really just shit. It is not like Singapore's tap water. Even our NEWater is better, no joke. They also don't have freshly squeezed juice so I was "forced" to drink this Apple Juice.

The food portion in the US is so big!!! My family and I shared everything. Bigger portion of Aglio Olio. Put Singapore's Italian restaurants to shame.

Salmon with Broccoli and potatoes 

Had to pay tip to take a picture with this living statue. At least this statue still got standard leh.

Mum ♥

Outfit of the Day
Agneselle knitted dress
Emporio Armani spectacle
Forever 21 bag 
Forever 21 Floral Wingtip shoes

The limousine was there to pick us up to the South Premium Outlet!

Kate Spade
Not supposed to take a picture of it but I like the concept :)

Bought a Kate Spade laptop bag and Michael Kors Card Holder. I wanted to buy the wallet but chose the card holder instead because I want to put my ez link card/POSB card/student card so I don't have to take out my fat wallet when tapping the card.

After shopping at the premium outlet, we went to Planet Hollywood Hotel for the Ultimate Variety Show!


Outside the V theatre...

I had this privilege to meet him and of course, enjoy his show! A great comedian and juggler! I love his laughter, it's like mad. Totally my style!

More about Wally Eastwood HERE :

This is the best video I could find on Youtube :)

The part where he played the piano while juggling with the balls is towards the end of the video. My family and I enjoyed this show most :) Ultimate Variety Show at Planet Hollywood is a MUST MUST MUST if you are in Las Vegas!

Of course, the Ultimate Variety Show is not all about Wally Eastwood. 

Here is the link to the casts involved in this awesome show :

Love all the performances! Would watch this again when I visit Vegas next time!

After the show, the limousine took us to Fremont Street for the light show. We were searching for restaurants to eat but dad disapproved most of the choices and many restaurants were closed. We walked around for about 45 minutes.

At Fremont Street for the light show! 

With my beloved ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

LOLOLOLOL THEY JUST WANT TIPS. Anyway, he was the last guy we took picture with because we didn't want to give tips to them. I didn't want to give this guy tips but dad still insisted that we must not let them look down on Chinese and think that we have no money.

He gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek but that's most probably because there's money -.-

We settled down in a cafe in the casino because it was our only choice. My domestic helper can make better sandwiches -.-

So the light show had started~

My sisters didn't enjoy the light show but I love it :)

Heading back to the hotel!

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