Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Job job job!

I'm going for a job interview at Ngee Ann City tomorrow afternoon and I'm not sure if I hope I would get this job or not. I am thinking of getting a temporary job as admin assistant because of my course (business studies) and hopefully it would prepare me for my internship. At my age, I should start planning for my future and it starts right now :)

I sent in my resumes to several recruitment agencies and I've been asked to attend the interviews UNTIL they asked me about the commitment which is 1 month :( Most of them require 3 months commitment which I won't be able to make it because school starts in mid April. Fortunately, the interviewer whom I'm going to meet tomorrow accepts my 1 month commitment.

Okay, I must admit that I do feel reluctant to apply for job but that's NOT because I'm lazy.

Not independent 

Since young, I'm very close to my mum (because dad's always away for business trips) and stick to her wherever she goes. Even until now, I would sleep with her. During my holidays, I would accompany or go out with her...

Few days ago, she told me it's alright even if I can't get a temporary job because there's only a month left. I agreed because this means I can spend more time with her. Actually I just want to be with her.

I really need to learn to be independent and not stick to my mum all day like a baby. I really love my mum :'(

Time Management

YES, MY DOGS. I'm really afraid I might not have enough time for my dogs but this is just an excuse. If I stop wasting so much of my time, I can use the time to walk or play with my dogs. This is another thing I will have to learn - Time Management.

I want to earn more money so I can bring my mum to Taiwan hehehehehehe ok fine obviously dad's paying for the air tickets or subsidize my shopping $

WISH ME GOOD LUCK! Read this "Good Luck Chingz!" Yup okay I got it thanks :)

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