Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Miracle Puppy ZB ♡

The most precious things in my life are my dogs, Zegna and Buddy ♡ Today, I am glad to share this joy with everyone! I've been keeping this secret for 2 months and I am going to announce it now....... Oh wait wait wait, I've received many comments that Zegna is fat/obese but do you know that......

Zegna was PREGNANT and she has a PUPPY now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *CLAPS CLAPS CLAPS*

Some of you may not know this but Zegna is a sterilized female so this is indeed a MIRACLE! My mum told me that Zegna's mum was sterilized too but she still gave birth to Zegna, Buddy and their siblings!

Hmm so yeap, we always see Zegna and Buddy humping each other but we didn't expect this would happen!

Everything started on 7 March 2013.

My maid and I were at home but she was cleaning the balcony so I witnessed the whole process which took about 45 minutes. I had to hide myself few meters away, make sure that I won't make any noises and pray that everything would be okay.

I was playing fetch with Zegna and Buddy at the car porch for approximately 15 minutes and they were tired already (stamina is as bad as mine, tsk) but we had loads of fun :D

I suggested we should rest longer but they got all excited again after I picked up the ball!!! I don't know why Buddy is forever giving that tiko peh look?!?!?!

I threw the ball and they fetched it but when they ran towards me, Zegna's speed slowed down and she started sniffing the floor. I thought she wanted to pee or poop because that's what dogs do.

Yup, she pooped!

So we continued playing fetch!
(Buddy looking angry because Zegna always snatch the ball away from him. I bought two balls for them but they insist on fighting over one.)

HALF AN HOUR LATER, Zegna did the same thing again, sniffing the floor. I thought she wanted to pee BUT this time, my instinct (woman's instinct is VERY strong) told me there's something different...

"Oh shit, is she gonna give birth now???????????" I was feeling quite panicky because it's my first time having dogs and I don't know how to handle the situation. I immediately called my mum and asked her what's the next step! She told me to leave it alone but observe the process in case Zegna needs help or the puppy's stuck!

I hid Buddy in the guest room because I was afraid he would disturb Zegna or eat the puppy (ok la obviously he won't)

45 minutes later, the PUPPY was born!!!!!!!! Zegna licked off the placenta and I didn't dare to kiss her HAHA. Read on for the newborn puppy pictures :)

After giving birth, Zegna was so exhausted so we allowed her to rest on the sofa :)

Zegna's mum gave birth to 7 puppies but Zegna gave birth to 1 puppy! Maybe it's the side effect of sterilization :/

I took a lot of pictures with Zegna and I'M SO PROUD OF HER :D
She's finally a mummy!

"Please let me rest -.-"

So here are the pictures of the newborn PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her name is ZB (zee-bee) because it represents Zegna and Buddy! ♡♡♡

She was sleeping on my bed so I took a shower. When I came out of the bathroom, she was watching tv! 气死我了!She should sleep more else it would affect her growth what, right?

Zegna mummy with her baby ZB :)

ZB is so naughty and annoying! She didn't want to sleep so she kept barking at Zegna -.-

She finally settled down for 5 minutes and I thought she was going to fall asleep...

BUT NO! Look at what naughty ZB did! Poor thing Zegna was already so tired she didn't even have that 1% of energy to entertain her girl :(

Feeling bored, ZB went to disturb her father, BUDDY. Buddy was taking his afternoon nap (because he guards the house at night) so he didn't entertain ZB as well. She finally gave up and slept beside him :)

Buddy's way of thanking me for taking care of his daughter :) Aww, you're welcome dear :)

Mum came back from Chinatown and she was so excited to see the puppy! When I showed her the puppy, she was quite disappointed. I don't know why she was disappointed?!?!?! But she's worried about Zegna so this happened...

My mum doesn't even do this to me :(

It was time for the Zegna to feed ZB some milk :)

Actually I have nieces and nephew but this is my favorite niece (I'm bias la okay)

Thank you for reading this post and sharing the joy with us! ♡♡♡
Together with the KOH family, Zegna, Buddy and ZB will live happily ever after :)


If you/your children love and want to have a pet dog but you are not prepared to take up the responsibilities, buy a plush dog. There are many cases of dogs being abandoned because owners feel that the responsibility is heavy, have a new baby at home or many other invalid reasons.

Please consider carefully before getting a pet dog. After careful consideration, DON'T BUY, try ADOPT.

Breeders are the most cruel and disgusting people on earth. Do not help them. If you know anyone of them, tell them that they will suffer retribution and they will burn and rot in hell. The saddest thing is that their family might even get this shit karma.

Spread this awareness.

God bless all the dogs in this world ♡

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