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Story of Zegna, Buddy and Ching ♡ Part I

How it all started 

2 years ago, my cousin came to my house and showed us a picture of a puppy labrador retriever in his phone. He told us his friend's (SX) dog just gave birth to 7 puppies and he's getting one. Mum got interested and asked if we could visit the puppies and probably get one too. We were living in HDB, a 5 room flat.

When we first visited the puppies at SX's house at East Coast Road, the 7 puppies were running around in the kitchen.

Most puppies, mostly male, were "reserved" by SX's relatives/friends...

At SX's house when I first met Zegna :')

I had a MINI PHOBIA for dogs and I didn't dare to touch them. Then, I saw this puppy sleeping on the floor. She woke up and walked towards me. I carried it in my arms, looked into her eyes, and told my mum
"I WANT THIS PUPPY!!!!!!!!" in a serious tone to prove that I'm not joking.

At that time, my dad didn't approve of having big pets at home. Mum suggested we should ask dad first before getting the puppy but I knew dad wouldn't approve so I insisted.

 New house, first love 

A month or so later, my cousin brought his puppy (Buddy) and my puppy (Zegna) to his house. We went over and took the female puppy home. Here are some cute shots of them playing together :)

Despite her small size, she was already so strong! We had to struggle when we put her in the cab...

The first picture I took with Zegna. My first day with her at home :)

Her first day at Toa Payoh. Look at her bulging tummy hahaha she's born to be fat!

When I was studying, she would sleep under my study table. She always stick to me!!!!!!!!!

She would also sleep on my foot!

When we reached home, I had to think how to break this news to my dad. I was afraid that my mum and sisters would get scolded by my dad, I tried to be a hero (hahahahaha)
Me : Pa, I tell you something but can you promise me not to get angry?
Dad : What is it about?
Me : I brought a puppy home.
Dad : *Screamed at me* WHAT?!?!?!

Then he started scolding me but I didn't feel bad at all because I was determined to keep the dog.

 He didn't talk to me for few WEEKS, almost 2 months...

 The name 

As my cousin has a maltese name Prada, we tried to fit into the theme by suggesting few branded names such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes and Zegna. Mum chose Zegna (pronounced as ZE-NYA)


For the first few months, it was a difficult period for all of us. *It was also my N level period* As she wasn't toilet trained yet, we had to leash her to a cupboard in the kitchen. EVERY night, in the MIDDLE of the night, she would keep barking non stop! My sisters and I had to take turns to wake up and go to the kitchen to pat her and comfort her until she falls back to sleep.

 Thinking back, it was crazy yet so sweet :)

She grew bigger and I almost couldn't carry her! Here is Zegna sleeping in my arms :')

She loves it when we try to tickle/scratch her tummy

She is the reason why I wanted to go home immediately after school everyday. She is the only reason why. I used to hang out with my friends after school but I gave up this kind of life just to rush home for her.

As I've mentioned, she wasn't toilet trained and it was our first time having a dog at home, we used our mum's method. If she pees or poops at a particular spot, we would scoop it up and put it on the newspaper near the toilet. Then, we carried her and forced her to smell it to let her know that that should be the spot. We kept on repeating the process until she got it!!!

 Another problem surfaced.

As she was still a puppy, she always bite the things at home! We didn't want to beat her so my mum used the asian method and fed her with red chilli every time she bites something (I'm not cruel please I still love her very much) We just put a bit of it on her tongue to let her know it was wrong.


You may ask, so how does my dad react to this after a few months? One day, we brought Zegna to the clinic for steralization. When she reached home at night, she was sooooo tired that she fell asleep from 8pm to the next afternoon. Dad was eating some biscuits and mum said,
"Look at this dog. She's so poor thing, so tired....."

Dad gave her some biscuits and from there, feelings developed :)

When dad comes back from work at night, instead of looking for us, he would look for Zegna. The first thing he asks would be "Where is Zegna?" There was this time when Zegna was sleeping with my younger sister and she was hiding under the blanket. When my dad called out for her, her head popped out! CUTE!!!

After sterilization, she was so tired so I let her listen to my playlist. All the soothing classical music, including Kenny G's.


Finally all the problems were settled. But who knew walking would be another problem? When we brought her down for a walk, she would run around and pulled us! She is VERY strong.

Sometimes, she would jump on my sister's bed and look out of the window!

The busybody her always stick her head out! Sometimes she would bark and everyone would look up!

Yes, this piggy sleeps with us every night!!! And this is piggy zegna every weekend morning!!!

And this picture below is Zegna every weekday morning!!!
During weekend, we would sleep together until 10am
During weekday, she would wake up at 6am with us
Everyday without fail
And why wake up so early? She would sleep on the sofa while waiting for us to get ready for school! Such a dear right :') Look at her sleepy eyes! 

After we left for school, she would go back to the room and continue sleeping...

 Lion dance phobia

Every chinese new year, we always have lion dance troupe at home and as Zegna was still a puppy, she was scared by the lion dance troupe and she even peed and pooped all the way to my room and refused to come out :( From then on, she's afraid of lion dance and sensitive to loud noises.

 A new member 

A year later, my aunt told me that her helper always hit Buddy. If she's unhappy, she would take it out on Buddy. So it depends on her MOOD -.- As my cousins are studying/working, I told my aunt to bring Buddy over. Buddy is super naughty! He always bite our furniture and he forced us to use the hard way. But still, it didn't work. He is an intelligent boy but he just don't wanna listen. Tsk!

Buddy's first day in my house...

Since the first day, they sleep together everyday! They're really VERY close! I was really glad that Buddy managed to adapt to the new environment so quickly.

Zegna and Buddy sleeping on my bed........ Hehe so nice to squeeze with them every night!

Mum and dad were overseas and I slept in their room. Zegna and Buddy joined me :)
They make everything else look smaller!

Mum and dad were so angry when I showed them the pictures HAHAHA

They also slept with my domestic helper. She's okay with it because she has 5 dogs back in Indonesia!


When they feel cold, they would run out and sleep on the sofa.
Look at the condition of my sofa! Thanks to the 2 artists Zegna and Buddy! >:(

Zegna and Buddy sleeping with me on my bed! It was a double decker bed and there's insufficient space, I had to curl myself up in a corner.

Zegna's favorite position! 

I would always disturb them but they don't feel annoyed HAHA okay maybe they do feel annoyed but they just don't want to hurt my feelings


Hehe I built a kennel using mattress, blanket, bolster and pillow :)

Naughty Buddy loves to eat our stuff, including my sister's basketball -.-

Zegna sleeping on Buddy's thigh

Buddy is almost the same size as my domestic helper!

My grandpa passed away last November and the wake was held at my void deck for 7 days. I went home at 3am every night and Zegna stayed up all night just to wait for me!


All the toys I bought for them were gone! Buddy would either eat or destroy it. So I spent $50 (my own allowance) buying 2 Kongs for them. I can't even bear to spend money on myself!!! The Kongs are extremely durable so it's worth it :)

New environment 

Few months after Buddy joined us, we moved into a new house which is a landed property. At first, we couldn't adapt because in our old flat in Toa Payoh,

 The dogs sleep with us every night. On our bed.
(Now, they have to sleep in the kitchen or outside)

 They could run around in the living room and follow us wherever we go.
(Now, they could only come in when there's permission from mum or dad)

Then we taught them to do their businesses at the drain and they were smart enough because we only taught them twice! Though they have more space to run around in this new house, we are not very happy because we couldn't be as close as before :'( What makes it worse is poly life. I get home quite late because of long hours in school and trainings. I have to sacrifice my social life to spend more time with them.

I have trainings in school on Tuesday and Thursday. After training, I would go for dinner and when I reach home, it would be around 11 plus to 12 but I would still spend at least 5-10 minutes playing fetch with them, though I would be exhausted.

In the morning, when I open my window, I don't even have to call out for Buddy and he would look up

When we first moved in, they couldn't adapt to the new environment so I had to constantly be by their side... Thank god it was holiday!

For the first 4 weeks, Zegna was very scared so she always hid in my helper's room.
I would go down in the afternoon to take a nap with them. Most of the time.......
I think they love my leg

This is Buddy sleeping with his head on the bowl! He thought that was a pillow?!?!?!

She doesn't look very happy here..... Hmmm....

They were not allowed in the house because mum and dad say they might scratch the floor. However, Buddy ALWAYS climb up to my room (he knows which one is my room). He loves to follow me and there was this time where I had to put him in the bathroom while I shower!

Few months ago, mum scared him with the cane when he climbed up so he doesn't dare to climb up now! He would wait quietly at the staircase!

One day, he waited outside my room. So I let him in to sleep with me!

Zegna sleeping in the living room like a piece of pork

When I'm in the guest room, they know I'm there and would run to the back of the house to look for me! They just know!

I love to sleep with them in the guest room!
(Mum and dad don't allow but hehe shhhhhhhhsss....)

Snoopy face, no?

When we are having lunch/dinner, they would sit beside me and wait for me to finish my food before following me around/pestering me to play fetch with them.

On Sunday, we would go out for family lunch at Marina Bay Sands. When we are about to leave the house, Zegna and Buddy always give the DONT-LEAVE-ME look...

As my sister has a car now, we are training them not to run out when the main gate is opened. Making good progress but we need more time :)

Especially this! Ahhh words can't describe how much I love them!

On a hot and sunny day...

Like a human...

When mum scolded her for being naughty naughty...

Resting in the living room...

They love the kong! Especially Buddy! He always sleeps with his kong! And buddy boy loves water! Sometimes, he would sleep in the toilet. When it rains, he would play with the rainwater! That's why most of the time, he's so smelly. Haha!

Zegna's FAVOURITE sleeping pose!!!

She must be thinking "I'm trying to sleep and this jiejie is so annoying!!!"

She loves to sleep on my thigh! Maybe it's thick and warm enough HAHAHA

Zegna is scared of thunder! I think she needs a thunder buddy like Ted!
I was afraid she might feel cold so I lent her my shirt to wear for a night to keep her warm :)

Buddy eating the treat from Allan

Winks from Buddy ;)

There is a park nearby (Chartwell Drive Park) and I used to bring them there for walks but I have changed the route already...

When Zegna couldn't walk properly yet,

Resting at the pavilion with my fatty zegna koh

This is my favorite picture of Zegna and Buddy (currently my laptop wallpaper!)

I like to see them do their "businesses" hahahahaha so cute
Zegna peeing...

Zegna just pooped so Buddy also had the feel to poop

Love for Buddy
My family loves Zegna more than Buddy because after all, Zegna spent the first year with us. And Buddy is really naughty because he loves to play with water then become smelly again! He's a boy so he tends to be more playful.

I give 100% love to Zegna and 100% love to Buddy ♡

When I buy toys for them, I will make sure they have the same or similar toy in terms of size.
When I give them treats, I will make sure the amount is the same.

I don't care if Zegna or Buddy is naughty. They are like family, best friends to me. I love them for who they are. That does not mean I would put up with their nonsense. When they have done something wrong, I would scold them or in extreme cases, hit their buttocks. Then I would teach them the correct way and would keep repeating the same process until they learn. I know this may not be the correct way but if you can teach, please teach me!

Looking guilty when I scold them...


Oh yes, Zegna and Buddy love to play fetch!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it has got to do with their breed, labrador retriever. So they love to retrieve?


Buddy could walk long distance and he loves going out for a walk! At first, he would run around too and it required loads of energy to bring him out because he would run and pull you as he wanna mark his territory by peeing almost everywhere. Everything is getting better now because I'm controlling him quite well.

On the contrary, Zegna doesn't like to go out for a walk. Her tail would be in between her legs, this is a sign of fear. When I open the side gate, she would be so happy! Guess it takes some time for her to get rid of this fear. In the meantime, I would spend more time playing fetch with her since she doesn't go for walks.

Ran away

I guess the reason why Zegna doesn't like to go out for a walk is because there was this time I took her out for a walk and her harness came off! She ran away and I had to sprint to catch up with her. She hid  beside the drain at the end of our street and I had to borrow a mobile phone from the construction worker who is building the new house at the end of the street.

I called my dad and his friend immediately drove down. Dad carried zegna out and we drove back. When she ran away, I couldn't describe how I felt. When I think about it now, my heart sinks and it just hurts so bad. I cannot afford to lose Zegna and Buddy.

 There's no forever

Some people would ask me "What if one day, Zegna and Buddy pass away?" My cousin was the first to ask me and I teared, saying I would commit suicide and leave with them.

Then, I think again. What a foolish idea. There are so many dogs out there waiting for me to save them!!!!!!" If they pass away, I would adopt stray dogs and give them a shelter, a home, my love.

 I am no Cesar Millan

As much as I wish to be like Cesar Millan, I'm just not him. I read his books and compared my methods to his. I know my methods may be wrong but I am trying my best to follow most of his methods.

 No hatred

No matter how loud my voice is when I scold them. No matter how hard I piak their buttocks. No matter how busy I am. They will NOT hate and abandon me.

 Just like no matter how naughty they are. No matter how ugly they are. No matter how old they are. I will NOT hate and abandon them.


When I cry, they know. They would sit beside me and lick my face, lick my tears away. When I feel upset, they would lie down beside me and place their heads on my thigh. When I'm not home, and every 15 min the bus passes by, they would run out to see if I'm back!

 How Zegna and Buddy have changed us 

My dad had a very very very extremely bad temper. So do I. After ZegBud appeared, our temper isn't as bad as before. There's really a change in my dad!!!

 I used to hang out with my friends after school. I didn't go home early. Mum was always worried about me. ZegBud's presence makes me wanna go home early everyday!

 Even sitting beside them makes me feel like I'm the happiest and luckiest girl on earth. My friends say they are lucky to have me as their owner. I don't agree. Because I am lucky to have them :)

 They complete my life :)

 I couldn't ask for more, because your love is the greatest gift of all.

Zegna Koh

Buddy Koh

Both of them are fierce when someone walks past our house! Maybe they just want to protect their territory. They would get damn excited when we bring relatives or friends home.
They are beautiful ♡

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