Sunday, 30 June 2013

Journal: Start Of Something New

I'm taking pictures of my everyday life so my blog won't look so dull and boring and it helps me to remember what I do everyday.

Yup, so last Sunday officially marked the end of my busy term break. I was complaining how tiring it was gonna be but now I just want to experience it all over again (minus the haze please).

My family and I had lunch at one of my favourite celebrity chef restaurants in MBS, Mozza Pizzeria :D

Send my sister's boyfriend to OCS.

The first day of term 2 was good :)

I realized I had fever in the morning so I took panadol extra. I reached school early to print my lecture notes and tutorials. Got back my Business Communication (bcomm) telephone skills and dining & networking assessment grades which are both A. Very surprised and happy because I didn't expect to get good grades for these 2 assessments :) And I managed to pay attention throughout the FIT lecture *proud of chings* I got back my FIT paper too!!! I was also shocked because I was just expecting a borderline pass mark (paper was quite difficult) but I got higher hehe!

Had Envoys Main Camp - Inheritance dinner at Makan Place and I was so happy and excited to meet my Tyrell babies!!! ♥♥♥ We have another outing again soon and I can't wait!!!

On Tuesday, I was ALMOST late for tutorial :/ Managed to cut the shuttle bus queue because my classmate was in front. Sorry guys...... it's a competitive society :(

Meh, school ended early but I had training in the evening. Had lunch at Makan Place with Jianheng, Ray and Khai then we went to Ourspace to talk and slack! I heard it was raining ICE?!?!?!?! Left for training at 445pm. We took one boat so Ben and I took turns to cox. Learned a lot from Ben so the training was not wasted :)

Wednesday was okay. Got back my marketing paper and I'm satisfied with the results! :D Went to the gym with Mindy for 1.5 hours but it wasn't very productive. Of course I would prefer MBS gym because it's quieter and the facilities are newer and cleaner.

My IS - Exploring Classical Music started on Thursday! I know many people would laugh at this elective because it sounds boring but trust me, it's actually fun. Okay, because I love classical music and my tutor make the whole module interesting! I had to stay back in school for grooming lecture. LAME. I kept falling asleep... I volunteered for one activity though because I want the free sunblock from the consultant.


Friday was the best day because I understood accounting lecture and service tutorial ended at 12pm!!!!!!!! AND IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!! The shit thing is that my tutor refused to return us our service paper -.-

Ate Subway Melt in Wrap (without sauce) for the first time and it tasted sooooo yummy! :)

Went home and rushed my business message and accounting project. 
Babygirl ♥.♥

Some funny and cute moments ♥

Yup, my week was kinda interesting and boring at the same time.
Singapore is a boring place to live in but I do my best to make my life in Singapore interesting :)

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