Saturday, 6 July 2013

Journal: Happiness


Dad sent me to Bugis before his meeting. I went to pray at the temple, bought a birthday present for my domestic helper at Bugis Junction.

We bought tickets for World War Z! Had lunch at Soup Spoon. This is our Souper Value Meal :)

Velvety Mushroom x Smoked Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Before going into the cinema, we had desserts at Everything with Fries! ★★★

Nutella Tart x Strawberry Cheesecake Pie 

I always gain weight when I'm in a relationship. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing but I always believe 能吃是福 :)

World War Z was good because it's kinda straightforward and scary. I'm just scared of almost everything la, damn weak :/

We were craving for Blackball so we went to Bugis+ for a bowl of Blackball Signature :)
I think it's not as chewy as before. I've found a cheaper alternative to Blackball at Toa Payoh Central. Gonna check it out soon! 

I took bus to my aunt's place in Katong and went for a run! The pm2.5 was 61 but I didn't know the dangerous level until my ex-tutor texted me about it. Though there was only a slight haze, it is super duper harmful to our bodies if the pm2.5 is above 40!!! (At least for that day)


On Sunday, I met Lauren!!! ♥.♥ Yes, my sec school best friend is back from Australia. Will blog more about this meet up soon :D

After lunch, I got the chauffeur to send Lauren to her boyfriend's house and I went home to bring my dogs out for walk :)


I was going to school in a zombie mode........... though the lecturer seems nice and she really puts in the effort to explain to us, it was quite boring (Ok I admit, it's probably because the lecturer isn't Steven Yeow)

Had Yong Tau Foo (without noodles/rice) for lunch! I almost wanted to order Kaki Fuyong but I resisted the temptation! Ever since I learned how to order this, I've been ordering it at Makan Place! I feel healthy after eating Yong Tau Foo :)

It was FIT tutorial after lunch and this is my favorite tutorial! The tutor is good looking (just my honest opinion) and he dismisses the class early :D I wanted to send mum to harbourfront but it was too late so I went to the bank to get my new ATM card!

Mum was in Indonesia and Dad was in South Korea so I had to come home immediately after school for the past few days to take care of the house and make sure my sisters don't go out till late. 

I took a cab to school because I wanted to reach early so I could print my notes. The cab driver is so damn freaking annoying?!?!?!?!?! *I should really do a post or a video on ___ types of taxi drivers* I have met all the freaking annoying cab drivers. There's this cab driver who even talked about underage sex?!

Anyway, this cab driver I met this morning should really just _|_

Some cab drivers should just learn to shut up and drive.

I am NOT against Christianity but seriously, don't freaking preach to me for GOD'S SAKE. 

At night, my elder sister and I picked my dad up at Changi Airport Terminal 3! She drove! My dad called me in the noon to tell me the time he would arrive in Singapore. 1AM!!! He said it's too late so I don't have to pick him up. But I wanted to give him a surprise so I asked my sis if she wanna!

When dad walked out of the arrival hall, I screamed "PAPA!!! CAN YOU SEE ME?!?!?!?! I AM HERE!!! *WAVED LIKE MAD* WELCOME BACK TO SINGAPORE!!!" HAHAHA everyone looked at me..... but I buay paiseh one! 

We went for supper at Geylang!

It was a small space and sis didn't dare to park the car so dad took over. HAHAHA.

Teochew Porridge :)

Reached home and my dogs were so happy!!!!! I could see that they're really sad when my parents were away :(

This picture cheers me up!

I LOVE MY FAMILY AND MY DOGS!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Have a great weekend everyone! :D Will blog about my Thursday - Sunday again! Stay tuned!

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