Sunday, 21 July 2013

Little Snippets Of My Life ★

The crazy and busy week is finally over!!!!!!!!! :D It does not end here because I will be having my exams in 3 weeks time. I'm not prepared at all but I promise I will start my revision tomorrow. (Oh well, it always starts tomorrow) I have an hour to blog before doing my tutorials and marketing project. It is my last project of the semester :D

Sometimes we just need to slow down and just roll ♥

Last Friday, I met up with the dongdongs clique after 123456789 years :) Our schedules always clash.
We had supper (it was my dinner though) at Swee Choon and it was my FIRST time there. In my honest opinion, I think it's overrated. I have eaten yummier dim sum, especially custard buns. I think it is famous because they sell dim sum at night and it is cheap??? I would go to Swee Choon again if my friends want to but I won't recommend this place to people who are looking for "quality".

The guys can really eat! This is only 1/4 of what they had ordered :/

Addicted to Fun Run......

I couldn't join them for coffee because I had training the next day.

An unproductive gym session with Xinwei and we had dinner at the hawker centre. I ordered salmon pasta from the western stall and I always regret after ordering it because it's expensive and too much carbo :(

We had a mini belated birthday celebration for our buff lord Glen See at Canteen 4. Xinwei bought donuts for him because it's his favorite (awwwwww~) and we met this pedo bear! Natalie baked chocolate cookies too! The picture I took turned out to be blur but it's too yummy! It was too fattening and sinful so I shared with Xinwei. Best friends share everything, including fats :)

Mum cooked telur petai (egg + smelly beans) for dinner. All I need is this dish to complete my meal.

Few weeks ago, I found out how to order Yong Tau Foo and James recommended the one at Makan Place. It's not that I'm spoilt and keep eating "atas" food but it's just that I wasn't interested in Yong Tau Foo so I didn't bother to learn how to order it. Anyway, I kept ordering it so I've been eating Yong Tau Foo for lunch for the past few weeks :) 

The condominium opposite my cousin's house was demolished and we get a better view of the sea. I remember we used to get a clear view of the sea until 2000s. I hope my cousin's condo won't be the next one to kena en bloc.

A mandatory shot of the sunset from my cousin's room ♥

Recently, my helper and I have developed this interest - disturbing my dogs by putting accessories on them. This is my version on Zegna. She got so annoyed that she barked at me :(

People always say owners tend to look like their dogs and I totally agree. Just look at the picture below and spot the similarities. Though my skin is very thick, I will say that I am not as cute as my babies. (They are the best and no one can replace them hehe)

Buddy was tired of entertaining me already so he gave up and took a nap ♥

Last Thursday, my Exploring Classical Music teacher released the details of my next assignment and I quickly rushed home to complete it because I wanted to have more time for other stuff. I completed my powerpoint slides within few hours?  My topic was on Andrea Bocelli, an italian singer whom I love and respect :D 

Zegna is such a dear ♥

Mum bought a blender and this is what she has invented (picture below). She blended the vegetables and added salt and mushrooms in it to enhance the flavor :) Nothing goes wrong with mushrooms!

A typical evening is when mum does her evening exercise at the car porch and Buddy and Zegna waits for her at the door.

Mum cooked porridge with crabmeat for lunch. (I just told her I miss her prawn porridge and she said she will cook for me tomorrow!!!) I feel so fortunate to have my mummy :)

My domestic helper was cleaning the windows and my dogs were worried for her safety. Her best friends are Buddy and Zegna :)

Mum wanted to watch Everlasting Hits Concert at Resorts World Convention Centre so I booked the tickets online. It was our first time watching concert at RWS because we usually watch concerts and attend events at Marina Bay Sands.

I know I'm not a good owner but I really love my dogs. I love them more than anything else (hahaha don't ask me if I love them or my parents or my boyfriend more because all of them are equally important to me) When I study in my room, they would climb up the stairs to look for me. They love it when I turn on the air con :)

When I'm in school, Zegna and Buddy are always on my mind. The only thing I look forward to every weekday is going home because that's the only place where my babies will be waiting for me ♥

I'm not sure if my dogs know I love them but I would hire an animal communicator to tell them how much I love them :)

My lover boy who was sleeping on the sofa and looking sad because I had to leave for school. 

Though exams are around the corner, I will still continue blogging so stay tuned! :D

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