Thursday, 25 July 2013

The beating of my heart is a drum it's looking for a rhythm like you

Custard Bun / Char Siew Bao / Har Gow / Siew Mai / Fried Noodles

The next morning, I had a bowl of fattening but yummy fish ball noodles for breakfast. 

The reason why I will never be able to slim down successfully is because I am fortunate enough to have family, domestic helper, boyfriend and friends who will always feed me ♥ Nope, I'm not complaining :) I choose these people over my diet plan anytime! My diet plan always fails anyway......

My good friend, Yanxiu baked Vanilla cupcakes! Though it's simple, it's the thought that counts :)

Other than seeing my dogs, the best part about coming home after a long day in school is having a home cooked meal ♥ Mum would call me everyday to ask if I would be going home for dinner then she would ask my domestic helper to cook my favorite dishes.

Red rice / vegetables / chicken / telur petai
(Note: my dogs are always around)

As mentioned in the previous post, my domestic helper and I have developed an interest which is to disturb my dogs! This is her version of disturbing Zegna with a towel!

Charlene baked brownies for the DB ladies!!!!!! :D 
Hehe, actually I wanted to eat all but I'm not selfish la okay........ I ate 4 only. 

I found a new place in NP to study but the tables and chairs are shaky. I didn't want to go to Atrium because there was an event going on and it is noisy and crowded. I also didn't want to go to library because I was wearing sleeveless dress and.............. okay fine, I was just too lazy to climb the stairs :(

Practicing my Partnership tutorial by redoing it :)
I am so in love with my handwriting.

70% of my life is all about my dogs and I take pictures of them everyday because they are too cute! I can't help but to take pictures of them then show it to my family and friends :) Haha I know some people might feel annoyed like "I'm not interested in your dogs so can you stop showing me the pictures" but......... THEY ARE TOO CUTE AND FUNNY HAHA SORRY.

Here are more pictures of my Princess Zegna and Prince Buddy ♥

Slacking on the sofa because my mum wasn't back yet!

Yup, I have another pet at home and it is this PIG!!!!!!!!

Princess Zegna on my bed!
Look at her innocent eyes, angelic face and cute little tongue sticking out! I couldn't bear to scold her :( Wah, thank god mum didn't find out or I would be in trouble AGAIN. 

(HAHAHA WTF my helper saw this picture 3 minutes ago and told my mum!!!!!!!!)

She fell asleep on my lap..............

I was feeling hungry after 3 hour of nap so I woke up at 4am and had monster noodle snack + honey wheat grass for supper/breakfast.

"High heels are pleasure with pain."
- Christian Louboutin 

I didn't know it's the Great Singapore Sale now! I went to New Look and bought 2 pair of heels! I know New Look's heels would hurt my feet but it's so cheap (bought 2 pair at $70+) and the color is vibrant! 

I was craving for instant noodles and here is a bowl of low fat curry instant noodles :)


Look at the happy girl who was so excited because I came back after a long day in school! Poor thing kakak had to clean up but we told her not to clean up. We let Zegna eat her dinner from the floor. 

*Guilty look from Zegna*

It's time to stop procrastinating and start revising for exams! I've also booked tickets to The Phantom Of The Opera show on 22 August! I'm going with Ashvari and Chelsey :) I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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