Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Lost In Love ♥

On Monday, I had impromptu speech and it is one of the most interesting assessment for Business Communication module :) 

It feels great to reach home early! :D I wanted to do my assignment but I ended up shopping online. I didn't buy anything because there's nothing I like. WTH. Took a 3 hour nap and had dinner before bringing my babies out for a walk! 

I was so sleepy (look at this sleepy face.....) but I'm willing to give up everything for my babies ♥

The driver picked me up from school and I went to Sephora @ Marina Bay Sands to get my eyeliner and compact powder. It's time to take good care of my stuff..... :( I took a 10 min walk to Esplanade and studied at library@esplanade. Read through Partnership (2) lecture notes and managed to do my tutorials. It was my first time not attending a lecture and managed to complete the tutorial. HAHA.

Banana muffin for $2.80

I met my Exploring Classical Music classmates outside the concert hall. Yes, we had to attend a classical concert for our last assignment -.- It was my first time watching a concert in Esplanade. Very suaku. I almost fell asleep because the first 2 pieces were quite boring.

Saturday was a crazy day for me!!!!
I woke up at 7 and went to school to get my collagen peeling gel and facial mask from Amy and ran to the bus stop to catch bus 184 to Clementi. The train was moving at a snail speed! When I reached Kallang, I ran out of the train and tried to run to SDBA. Must understand la... I damn weak.

After training, I saw a cab outside SDBA and told the cab driver to wait for me. Grabbed my bag and ran to the cab..... the driver was quite fierce so it was damn stressful okay?!?!?! Cabbed down to Serangoon Garden Food Centre and bought lunch for my family! ♥

Famous kway chup :)

It was my domestic helper's birthday!!!!!!!!!! :D
I bought her a wallet from Bugis Street. I found out her favorite color is blue AFTER I bought this wallet. I was too lazy to go down to Bugis to change it anyway :/

You can't really see the pink color in this picture but I like the polka dots

She cooked her hometown dishes! ♥

Mum bought her a chocolate cake :)

Happy birthday kakak! ♥♥♥

I was craving for Pizza Hut's garlic bread (I don't know why from Pizza Hut) and my sister wanted to eat pizza so she ordered some meal or what. In the end, Pizza Hut didn't have garlic bread so they gave us more hash browns. WTH man............... there is a huge difference between garlic bread and hash browns.

By the way, I don't like to eat pizzas from Pizza Hut. It's not even pizza, like REAL pizza.

I have to stop eating, stop procrastinating, stop complaining and start doing something productive!

I hope all my friends are coping well with their revisions! Exams will be here soon! All the best to everyone :D Are you excited for the 2 months holiday?!?!?! I AM!!!!!! Hang in there! :D

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