Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Just before exams.......

After few months of discussion, the BFF and I decided on a similar OOTD and we chose checkered/plaid shirts and denim shorts. Somehow, we don't look like twins anymore and I highly suspect this has got to do with us being in different classes. You know, you don't see your BFF that often and you girls start to look different. Okay, you get my point.

Check out our OOTDs next semester ★

(Sinful and depressing moment) I was complaining about being hungry in lecture and I wanted finger food so my good friend told me to get some french fries but I said it's too fattening. THEN, after lecture, I met BFF and we went to 8 Fahrenheit for ICE CREAM. 

Yuzu x Hazelnut Chocolate

I recommended the brownie to BFF! It's not very thick and sweet (perfect for me) and it's only $2+? So guess what? SHE TOLD ME TO GET A BROWNIE + ANOTHER SCOOP OF ICE CREAM. 

The brownies were sold out and I thought it's god's way of telling us to stop eating and start dieting.

The owner (or co-owner) is super duper nice and friendly! He asked if we want over baked brownie for free! Because it's over baked, it's a little bit hard so it tasted more like a cake than a brownie. This shows that 8 Fahrenheit does not sell what is not up to their standard. *So proud of my seniors*

You will never be able to slim down successfully with a best friend who loves food like you.

Horlick x Brownie

It was Team Salt's first dinner @ Munch and it was nice seeing some of my freshies and meeting new people.
I didn't want to eat but I gave in because I missed the Fish Soup.

My kind of breakfast consist of butterfly fritters and the kuehs my aunt made :)

Mum and my domestic helper went back to Toa Payoh to clean the house because we are renting out to another group of university students from China. Yup, we have a flat in Toa Payoh and my parents don't intend to sell it because they are thinking of moving back when they're older. The previous group of students made such a mess! Yeah, because it's not their house so they think they can dirty it. Dirty = Dusty.

Anyway, I had to stay at home to take care of my dogs because no one was at home to feed and accompany them.

Home cooked lunch with family ♥

Left (restricted diet): Zegna
Right (rice x chicken): Buddy

Supper for myself because my sister refused to give me her seaweed :(
I don't know why did I take such a boring picture. I must be leading a very boring life. Oh help, I hate school but I need to attend school to earn money in the future to get a life. Okay.

And guess what, my dad bought my favorite BAK KUT TEH from Balestier for supper!!!!!
Usually, I would be the one to ask him if he could buy Bak Kut Teh for me for supper but on that day, he asked if I want it for supper. Oh well, maybe he was hungry and wanted someone to accompany him. Haha.

I went to accounting lecture and did marketing notes. I went to service tutorial and used my phone. School ended at 1pm. Good job, I don't even know why did I bother to go to school on that day. 

I met James at Toa Payoh Lor 8 market because we wanted to eat Yong Tau Foo but it was closed! He came to my house in the evening because we wanted to bring my dogs out. Then, it RAINED -.-

We also planned to eat at Chomp Chomp but dad called to ask if I want to have dinner at Mellben Seafood. I was just telling James I wanted to eat some crabs. Yes, I believe this is what they call god's plan.

85% of my blog posts are filled with FOOD. I've been eating so much that I feel so disgusted with my own body gaining fats and all :( So after much procrastination, I finally decided to hit the gym! I was disappointed because I've grown from weaker to weakest........ 

I went back to Marina Bay Sands gym because it's the best! The gym instructors and assistants are really nice and friendly. Due to school/assignments/projects/ok I am just lazy, I couldn't find time to go to MBS gym.

I went to my aunt's place at Tanjong Katong for dinner. I felt that I had made the wrong decision. Her helper always cooks yummy food and those calories I had burned (not that I had burned a lot) during the gym session was wasted. 

Exactly 3 more weeks to holiday and I am already planning my post exam activities! I plan my holiday activities but I always end up doing nothing at home. Okay, my March holiday this year was a productive one though :)

Abrupt ending. Bye.

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