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Love is just a word until someone comes along & gives a meaning

I will continue blogging after 22nd because exams will officially start this Thursday :) The module for my first paper is Finance of International Trade (FIT) and I can't wait for it to be over so I can concentrate on my accounting, marketing and service operations papers!

I was at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark the other day for breakfast :)
Custard buns ● Chocolate muffin ● Smoked Salmon ● Ham ● Tarts 
The custard in the custard bun couldn't even flow. Oh well, it's free so can't complain much, haha :)
Hash browns ● Bacons ● Baked beans ● Tart ● Waffle
Scones ● Carrot mini cupcake

Kway Chup from Serangoon Gardens Food Centre.
A random picture of my darlings in my parents' room! Lucky dogs! ♥
On Saturday morning, I woke up at 10 and craved for Mcdonald's breakfast so I took bus down to the circus! I didn't have dinner the night before so I decided to reward myself for resisting those temptations :)

I didn't order Breakfast Deluxe Supreme because I don't really like their bacon and it's expensive :/
So I had a Breakfast Deluxe!
James was sleeping so I decided to surprise him with Breakfast Deluxe too! I bought Cranberry Cheese bun and D24 Durian bun from Oishii @ myVillage so he could eat before he books in/on the way to camp/in camp when he's hungry :)

Okay, in the end, he decided to book in the next day.

Breakfast Deluxe for the boyfriend!
I haven't been to Marina Bay Sands' Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine for brunch for quite some time so I asked my dad to bring us there yesterday! So happy for Gary because he is promoted from a captain to the manager :D Anyway, dad was playing candy crush so I ordered the food on his behalf. I think I'm just going to make reservations on his behalf in the future so all he has to do is to get ready to go out with us and pay for the bill.

Buddy was in my room so this poor boy was forced to take pictures with me ♥
I was too lazy to do make up and dress up so I wore leopard print top, denim shorts, metallic baroque cardigan and a pair of sunglasses.
Bamboo clam with glass noodles!
Bad quality of this picture but I was too hungry to capture nice shots!
After the heavy meal, I went to Coffee Bean @ myVillage in Serangoon Gardens to do a revision and touch up on my FIT notes before I do another final revision. Though I was alone, it was a productive study session! :D In the past, I couldn't study without my friends and I had to study without listening to music but I feel like a changed person now; I have to study alone and I have to listen to some music to produce some good results. In my honest opinion, I think this is because my friends in secondary school are less talkative as compared to most of my friends in polytechnic. LOL. I have decided to study alone from now onwards :)

Of course, if my friends needs me as study buddy, I will be there for them but not too far please :(

When I attempt past year exam papers, I have to do it at home but when I read my notes and do revision, I have to do it at coffee bean. The reason why I can't concentrate at home is because of my dogs!!!!!! I tend to get distracted and go and play with them. They're so cute I AM GOING CRAZY OVER THEM, I'm not even kidding :D

HAPPY NATIONAL DAY, Singapore, my homeland ♥
Though a little belated.....

(Sigh.......) I miss old NDP performances. I know that many people have put in a lot of effort in NDP but I really feel that the standard is meh. The only cute thing is the merlion! I hate how they remix EVERY SINGLE SONG. 
And as usual, being an ex-uniformed group member, I'm only interested in the parade segment.

SO my mum's friend was in Singapore for a short holiday trip and she brought her daughter along. Her daughter is also 19 years old and she is a very nice person to talk to. I don't know her name because I forgot to ask her so I will be using "Anna" in this post. Unlike many Indonesian Chinese, they come from a low-middle income family. Many people think that just because my mum was an Indonesian Chinese (she holds pink IC now), everybody related to us are rich -.- Yes, we do have wealthy relatives/friends from Indonesia but you cannot expect everyone to have that kind of background.

First of all, I wouldn't say that I come from a wealthy family but I wouldn't deny the fact that I am from a slightly above-average income family (I am not trying to act humble but this is the truth) because there are many millionaires and billionaires in Singapore, in this world. Who are we compared to them? I know that in many dramas or even in real life, some people would por (bootlick) the rich people to gain some advantages, in terms of business, love, or anything. It is definitely not happening in my family, especially myself. When I see my rich people, I greet them politely. When I see less privileged people,  I will also acknowledge their presence and greet them politely. I do not put on air because I am in no position to :) Even if you are the richest person in this world, you are in no position to look down on anyone.

Imagine you are one of the richest men in the world and you own several listed companies. Yes, those employees who are working for you are not as rich as you; as compared to you, they do not have a lot of $$$$$, but they are the ones who help you generate revenues/income. Yeah, some people might argue that without this rich man who has several companies, the employees couldn't find jobs. I'm not here to argue about the cycle of generating revenues and income. What I am trying to get my message across is that WE SHOULD RESPECT EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF THEIR BACKGROUND. (I am actually quite agitated now because I have met people like this before, people who look down on others.)

I pity some rich families in this world...... They have the money and everything but they don't know what is true happiness. I am sure everyone has read this quote before "Money can't buy happiness but I would rather cry in a Ferrari." I absolutely agree with this quote. Who doesn't love money? If you don't, you can kindly donate to me. But with true happiness, you won't even cry. OH MAN, why am I drifting further....

Anyway, my mum and I brought them to Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)! With the help of my dad, we brought them to the Skypark without having to purchase the tickets which cost $20 per adult. We walked around the observation deck and helped Anna to take pictures! Then, we had dinner at the food court, Rasapura. It was my first time eating at the food court and I would say it is not too bad. The prices are quite expensive, considering it is only a food court but we should also take in consideration the location and their rental fees. I ordered 2 plates of chicken rice for Anna and her mother and I shared a bowl of Hakka Yong Tau Foo with my mum :D

The following day, we brought them to RWS and had dinner at Din Tai Fung!

We walked to Sentosa Island and met this cute lil boy along the way! He was holding on to his dad's DSLR and took pictures of almost everything! He is only 3 and he looked so professional already.
My mum and I like Din Tai Fung because the food is up to standard and it is not very expensive as compared to other restaurants we have been to. I taught them how to eat xiao long baos and ordered my favorite yam xiao long baos for them! Of course, we ordered fried rice, layered cake, and many more.

Love the mushroom noodles! They are really generous with the mushrooms! :D
We walked around Sentosa and I was quite upset because they freaking play remix of our NDP theme songs!!!!!!! -.- I feel so frustrated and annoyed with all the new remix versions of our NDP theme songs!!!!!

You can do a remix on recent NDP theme songs because they are really quite crappy but CAN YOU NOT ruin our NDP theme songs like Home, Where I Belong, Stand Up For Singapore, We Will Get There, etc!!!!!!!!!!! I sing these songs with PRIDE.

The recent NDP theme songs are just horrible. The composers obviously need help -.-

It's okay my dear merlion, don't cry, we still love you ya ♥♥♥♥♥
Anna and I talked about how life is so different in Indonesia and in Singapore. In Indonesia, they have to wear shirts and jeans; they don't wear sleeveless/shorts there, at least not for her family. I guess I don't have to state the reason and you guys should know why. I was packing my clothes and she helped me to fold the clothes and she was shocked to see that I have sleeveless tops/dresses. I told her most of the people in Singapore dress like this because it is quite safe. And majority of the Singaporeans are educated and civilized people.

Anna is currently doing double degree in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta and I hope she will excel academically, get a good job and lead a better life in the future. Cheers to new friendships! :D They don't have gold, or diamonds, or big houses, or luxury goods but they lead a simple and happy life :)

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