Friday, 20 September 2013

Negative To Positive Situation :)

As marked on my planner, I was supposed to release a photo diary yesterday but I'm running a fever, my body temperature hits 38.1 degree celsius as at 4PM :(

Before I start ranting about my Final Theory Test (FTT), here are some snippets of what I have done for the past few weeks :)

The Club @ Marina Bay Sands // High tea buffet

Heading to the gym!

Met the bufflord/bro Hasfis at MBS Skypark because his dragon boat team was having an event at MBS! We asked the staff of the skypark to take pictures but all turned out blur/awkward. This is the best picture I could find and I had to sharpen & filter it to make it sharper and vivid!

It has been a very unfortunate week for me because.... oh wait, okay just two days.

Yesterday morning, I had training at Kallang River and I didn't bring my tights and cap as the sky was dark so I thought it might rain. When I started coxing, THE SCORCHING SUN CAME OUT -.- The only fortunate thing was that I used sunblock lotion. Sunblock lotion will not prevent us from being tanned so obviously, I've grown tanner. When I reached home, we had a guest from China. He drives bus 317 (the feeder bus in my estate). He just came back from China because SBS requested him to come back due to shortage of manpower.

I wanted to take a nap before my Final Theory Test (FTT) in the evening but it wouldn't be nice to sleep when there's a guest. After all, my mum always tells me that we should be polite and hospitable :)


I finally took a proper nap at 5PM and woke up at 5.45PM. Mum sent me to the driving centre before going to my aunt's place. As my mum is afraid that I would lose my IC, she made a copy with the word 'SPECIMEN' stamped on it. I used this IC specimen for E-trial and they allowed so I showed the invigilator my IC specimen. They insisted that I should produce the original IC.

Blame it on myself because I didn't check the website's FAQ before going for the test. I am responsible and I do not blame it on others. This is a lesson learnt. From now onwards, I will and must remember to check everything beforehand :)


I was angry a the invigilators and I went for a run from City Plaza to my aunt's place in Amber Gardens. It is a straight but not very long route! I felt good after perspiring! :D

~blur look~

The dinner served at my aunt's place were all Indonesian dishes! Indonesian cuisine is my second favorite cuisine, after Chinese cuisine :)

When I reached home, I showered and accompanied my dogs while waiting for my hair to dry. I was still feeling quite upset over the FTT issue and James cheered me up with all sorts of funny conversations and replies :D This proves that distance doesn't matter in relationship!

In the middle of the night, I couldn't stop coughing and it worsened to the extent that I almost got an asthma attack!!! I used the method of "inhaling twice and exhaling once" and it worked.


Okay, but why can't they just be flexible and close one eye? I really dislike people who are inflexible. The IC specimen has my face on it?!?!?! Since this is how they work, I respect their working style and honesty but maybe because this is just the way I think so this comment is obviously biased. Okay, whatever :(

This morning, I took a cab down to Comfort Delgro Driving Centre and booked my FTT which will take place 2 to 3 months later! To make myself feel even better, I told myself that this is probably god's sign of giving me more time to study because I did a last minute revision for this test. And of course, I have planned what to do within the next few months but this have to remain confidential :(

THE WEATHER WAS SICK. Literally!!!!!!

It was so hot I could feel myself burning! I guess this is partly why I'm running a fever.

As I was already feeling unwell and was about to faint, I took a cab to Toa Payoh and threw all my previous semester's notes into the recycled bin opposite Toa Payoh Swimming Complex. I do this every semester and I highly encourage all of you and your friends to do that! Do as much as you can! I'm trying my best to make this world a better place :)

I took bus home and when I reached Serangoon Gardens, I almost vomited but I held back :(

The first thing I did when I reached home was to shower and rest! I didn't even take a proper nap!

And yes, here I am, blogging about what had happened :(

Last week, Buddy was being very clingy when I was watching Triumph In The Skies II :)

Not forgetting the princess who wanted to eat the french toast but I'm training her not to eat unless she gets my consent. 

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