Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Photo Diary: Paradise Dynasty / Hide Yamamoto / Yum Cha

Paradise Dynasty @ Ion Orchard
I went to dad's office to print more notes and meet my sister for some "plan" but it failed. I did my tutorials there and waited for dad to settle his work. We went for hair spa and ear cleaning and had dinner at Paradise Dynasty :) 

I heard about the 8 flavored (original, sze chuan, foie gras, garlic, ginseng, cheese, black truffle, crab roe) xiao long baos and I'd always wanted to try it (cos it looks good on instagram!) Ok it turned out that I didn't like it including the original one. My sister took the cheese because she likes cheese so I didn't get to try that. I guess the best xlbs I've eaten in Singapore is the one at Jin Shan Lou (Marina Bay Sands). Nevertheless, it was a unique xlb experience :)

Dad was playing candy crush and I attempted to look stupid. Succeeded.

Hide Yamamoto @ Marina Bay Sands
And just a week ago, dad brought us to Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands. He told me the food is just mediocre and expensive. I didn't believe him but now, I do. I don't think I would ask him to bring us there for dinner again. At least not anytime soon :/

I was not feeling well so I had a bowl of seafood ramen. I would give a thumb up for their presentation of food!

Truffle Chawanmushi! 

Yum Cha @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club
Okay, I am NEVER going there again. The standard of the food is not even worth a meh.

Okay, I know this is none of my business and they didn't do anything to me but it's just so gross and annoying I just have to judge -.-
That particular saturday/sunday morning, I was walking out to the MRT station after training and I saw the whole place filled with foreign domestic helpers and workers. It was exceptionally crowded that day and I couldn't help but to take a few pictures. 

Picnic is okay but picnic under the smelly bridge?!?!?!?! I can't even -.-

Chomp Chomp
With the teammates because Ding En is nice enough to send me back to Serangoon Gardens YAY

My two cutiepies taking a break after playing with each other in the car porch ♥

This was taken by my sister before she left for school! My dogs are seriously the cutest babies on earth! Words cannot describe how much I love them ♥ :)

Oh man, I still have many pictures in my phone/laptop and I want to clear them because my memory storage is gonna be full! Haha. The reason why I love blogging is because I can look back at my archives and laugh at myself.

You know,

The world can be amazing when you're slightly strange :)

Yay school has been good to me so far and I have no complaints! Except the morning rush hour :( 

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