Saturday, 16 November 2013

Photo Diary: Singapore River Regatta & POL-ITE

♥♥♥ NPDB One big family ♥♥♥

Best teammates (mens & ladies), really best. When I left dragon boat last year (due to strong objections from my parents), I wasn't THAT sad. Now that the current batch of year 3s are graduating, I don't know how to feel. It's like the seniors from both mens and ladies team are super nice people and NPDB will not be the same without them.

"Are you leaving NPDB?"

Honestly, I want to stay in this team but my parents still don't know that I'm back in NPDB. I couldn't attend most of the land training (my mum knows the training schedule) but training at Kallang is more important so I had to lie to them about weekend trainings; I told them that I had track & field training (I'm not from track by the way) HAHAHA WTH right. Did my parents suspect anything?????? Both my mum and dad complained about my tan but I'm a mummy girl and she knows everything about me so I told her I went running every weekend HAHAHA. Actually I think my mum knows I'm back in DB but she just doesn't want to make things awkward for us :(

I feel bad lying to my parents, especially my mum because I'm really very close to her ♥ It was tough, really tough because I want to maintain my relationship with her and cox for the ladies team at the same time. I also had to sacrifice my time with my family every Sunday because by the time I reached home, they were having lunch at Marina Bay Sands :(

Now that POL-ITE and SRR are over, I will dedicate more time for my family, including my dogs ♥

P/S. NPDB is also my family.

Singapore River Regatta (SRR) 2013

POL-ITE 2013

Some people think that getting 3rd for POL-ITE or getting 1st for Plate Finals is nothing but it's about the process, the bond, the friendship and everything that brings a team together. 

Every batch is different so don't compare.

I believe that everyone in the team gave their very best. Champions or not, we will always hold our heads up high.

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