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Another year comes and 2013 is just another past. Every year, I tell myself "A new year begins, I'm gonna start afresh and have new year resolutions" but I realize I never stick to my new year resolutions and at the end of the year, I would regret doing things that I wasn't supposed to do. I'm not doing any resolution this year because all I want is to be happy. Regardless of what happens, I will do my best to stay optimistic :D

A summary of my 2013 

 I successfully "graduated" from being a freshie to a year 2 in Ngee Ann Poly. I never liked the word "freshie", no any particular reason. I took new modules, GPA dropped by 0.02, did projects with different people and couldn't get in to 6 month internship. However, I still remain positive and believe that all these little setbacks will not be a hindrance to my future :)

Honestly, I don't care if it's a 2-month or 6-month internship, reputable or non-reputable company, I will still do my best, apply my skills to the job scope and gain experience. Most importantly, to make friends and have fun :D

In 2013, I've also made new friends, met many more awesome lecturers and of course, my boyfriend ♥

There are some people who are "curious" about my relationship. I got a lot of questions about my previous relationship on my but I've deleted them because I choose not to answer such questions online. Like I've mentioned, I only share it with my family, close friends and boyfriend because they are the ones who REALLY know me. If you wish to know, ask me personally but I don't wish to talk about it anymore so I hope you will understand :) 

To clear your doubts, all I can say is,

There were no third parties involved.

I did not cheat on my ex. 

I did not initiate the break up because of another person. Ok which is similar to point number 1.

It was clearly our OWN problem. 

I got together with my bf after I made a clean break with my ex. 

 You know what's one thing I cannot stand? People poking their nose into others relationship. Do you know the story? If you don't and the parties involved do not wish to tell you, then just STFU and lead your own life. You don't do shit just to stop others from being happy. Even if you hate someone, you should not do anything that would harm him/her. 

There's one simple question to stop yourself from being so KAYPO 

Does it affect you? NO. 

Well, then spend the time wisely by spending quality time with your family, friends, dogs, people whom you care or just think of how to save the environment and the world.

I feel very happy and comfortable with H. None of my exes had made me feel this way. I swear. And when I say NONE, I mean it. Most of my exes are still my friends and I feel happy for them because they are doing well in life and some have met the love of their life. It is not easy to find someone whom you can feel comfortable with. 

Honestly, I don't care if anyone disapproves our relationship. I'm the one who determines my own future and I know what's best for myself.

The most important thing is personality. If your other half's personality does not match yours, don't even mention trust or anything else. You would have trouble handling all the problems. 

Quarreling does not make a relationship stronger. THAT IS BULLSHIT. It will just make people grow apart.

As a couple, we go through thick and thin and overcome obstacles together but that does not include quarreling. I don't even understand how is quarreling a part of overcoming obstacles? Look, if there is an economic crisis and your husband/wife is unable to earn as much to support the family, there is no need for quarrel. Just work things out. That is overcoming obstacles together. Ok, this is probably not the most ideal example but you get my point.

 My previous relationship had too much miscommunication and misunderstandings which led to unhappiness and I was just too exhausted to believe that these would make our relationship stronger. I wasn't happy. I cried in my bedroom, not knowing how to end it. Or rather, I did not have the courage. The love was dead long ago. Or it was never love in the first place. I don't know. I wasn't sure. But does it matter now? NOPE.

I have some friends who are in the same situation but all I can say is to just LET GO
 I was afraid that's why I delayed everything, making everything worse. 

Just let go and you will find true happiness.

I believe my future will be filled with happiness with H ♥

And because I believe, it will happen :)


I apologize for the inconsistency of the image sizes because I lost some pictures and I've already edited in photo grid so that I could instagram it.

New Year's Eve dinner with my mum and boyfriend :)

My sister was working at Arbite so we went down to support her!

We ordered a side dish (truffle fries) and two main dishes and the manager gave us complimentary desserts! :D

I love their tiramisu!!!!!! One of the BEST tiramisu I've ever had in my life!!!!! 

I'm not a fan of chocolate cake but this chocolate cake blew me away! Such a perfect combination with vanilla ice cream ♥

Waiting for dad to open the door for them.......

 After work, I cabbed home and it was raining. Zegna was afraid of the thunder so she stayed in the bathroom with me while I showered. When I was out of the shower, I found her sleeping soundly ♥.♥

My first meal of 2014 was a bowl of wanton mee!

And I've also bought my footwear for Chinese New Year :D

Was invited to Rain with Nine Muses concert at Marina Bay Sands but I couldn't make it so I sold the tickets.

Marina Bay Sands' Christmas gift :)

Cheers to a better 2014! :D :D :D

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