Friday, 10 January 2014

Marina Bay Sands: Presidential Suite (Part I) ★

I was so excited when daddy told me that he had booked the Presidential Suite @ Marina Bay Sands hotel
for 3 days 2 nights because it's gonna be an add-on to my list! :)

I have stayed in the all the rooms (Deluxe, Premier, The Club, Grand Club) and Orchid and Sands Suites before but this was my first time staying over in their second biggest suite! Their biggest suite is the Chairman Suite.

I couldn't bring Zegna and Buddy so I brought their puppy along :D
I always bring this puppy along because it reminds me of Zegna/Buddy so I won't go crazy over them!

Following pictures were taken with Canon-G12 and Samsung Note II.

We checked in at the Sands Lounge which is similar to the VIP Lounge except that it is less crowded and there are more comfortable seats and televisions to keep us entertained :) I never liked the VIP lounge because it's too noisy and there are not enough seats for all the guests.

Some pastries for me to fatten myself while waiting for daddy to get the keycard lock! 

The butler brought us to our suite which is located at the 52nd storey in Tower 2. Here are some of the summarized information and details about the Presidential Suite which I have gathered from Marina Bay Sands website:

The Presidential Suite is a 509 square-metre suite with:
Baby Grand Piano
Two living rooms
Dining area
Dry Bar and Pantry
Three bedrooms with balconies (sea view)
All three bedrooms have walk-in closets
Powder room with adjoining salon
Exercise room with massage area
Media room
Study room

5268KOH was the password to gain access to free wifi!

I am no longer interested in the city view from MBS. Looking at the same view once or twice a month. Taking pictures of the city view is definitely a must because any trip to MBS would not be a complete one without this view.

Living Room #1 ★

Dining Area 

Living Room #2 

Dry Bar & Pantry 

Dad reading the newspapers while we explored the suite :)

The easy and convenient touch-screen remote controller. We can click on any channel we want and adjust the volume of the TV, air-con, blinds and lights!

My sister was playing snippets of Ballade Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman on this baby grand piano.

I was entertaining myself with the puppy while waiting for my mum and relatives to arrive :)
"I want to play the piano too but I can't reach the keys!"

Just entertaining the childish side of me...

Corridor to the Media Room on the left and bedroom #1 on the right

The Media Room has a karaoke system and we invited our relatives over on the first night so they occupied the whole room. I sang a few chinese oldies to "fit in". (I love chinese oldies too!)

Media Room 

Most fashionable puppy.

This is the study room where I spent most of the time using my laptop and doing my work. By work, I mean tutorials. It's sad how others stay over at hotels to enjoy their break but I had to study. Life of a Singaporean.

Study Room 

Typical youths with a bathroom mirror shot! With my cousin, Marissa :)

Bedroom #1 

Though I felt that this is the smallest bathroom (probably because of the way they design the bathroom) among the three bathrooms, this is my favorite because the jacuzzi bathtub is right beside the window so I could enjoy the sea view while soaking myself in it.

Bedroom #2 

All three bedrooms have walk-in closets and we didn't use at all except taking the bath robes because we were freezing so we used them as substitutes for jackets.

Bedroom #3 
Master Bedroom

The sensor-controlled fully automatic toilet seat!!!!! When we open the doors, the lid covers would be lifted automatically. After the 2 nights stay in this suite, I couldn't get used to my own toilet seat because I was expecting the lid cover to be lifted up automatically :(

I prefer the sea view to city view. Nature VS concrete buildings. I love sitting at the balcony, listening to classical and waltz music, doing reflection, enjoy the scenery and just relax and chill. The path to happiness is simplicity. This is how I enjoy life :)

I tried to take picture with the beautiful background but here is a failed attempt :(

Exercise Room 
The exercise room with limited exercise equipment. There is an elliptical and multi-gyms.
Steam bath and sauna 

The cousins and relatives came over at night! Adrian had to book in the next day so he couldn't stay over :(

Singing karaoke with the campus superstar, Adrian Jorge! 

My mum, aunt and helper spent the whole morning and afternoon cooking bee hoon, curry, mixed vegetables and sotong balls! Everyone loves the sotong balls! I am very competitive when it comes to eating sotong balls because it's my favorite :D

It was a simple mini party because it was also my third aunt's birthday :)

Happy 60th birthday, my second mother ♥♥♥♥♥♥
The one who always cares about me. I remember when we were in Jakarta, she brought me out to shopping malls and brought me a lot of toys!
(My aunts are like my mothers)

It seems like the older generation love pandan cake from Bengawan Solo...

I'm always amazed at my family tree and the friends my mum and aunts have! This is only 0.1% of the relatives/friends they have! When I attend wedding dinners and my mum introduces me to the relatives, I can't remember their names and faces because there are too many of them! They would suddenly tell me "this is your cousin" and the situation becomes awkward :/ Imagine the number of guests I would have to invite for my wedding dinner in the future!

Anyway, I'm still glad that I have a huge family tree! I really hope that there would be a mass gathering someday for us to know one another better :)

My cousin tried to make bubble bath but I don't know if he had succeeded. 

It was a long day for me and I was thankful for a peaceful night like this.......

but I locked myself up in the study room to do my work which was depressing :/

Some complimentary chocolates to keep me motivated :)

Post on Marina Bay Sands Presidential Suite (Part II) will be up soon! Stay tuned :)

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