Monday, 17 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year ★ Reunion Dinner

Just the day before Chinese New Year, I did a last minute shopping at Somerst 313 and bought a red dress from Forever 21. The dress is simple and plain and it is not expensive. I was too lazy to check out other malls and all the nice dresses for Chinese New Year season were sold out :(

Anyway, I also decided that I should get a new handbag or wallet so I walked into Victoria's Secret..... and I saw a pretty pink wallet!!! I don't think it is really worth it but it was love at first sight so without any hesitation, I asked for a new wallet and bought it :D

*Addition to my Victoria's Secret collection!!*

I also brought some red packets home since my mum loves collecting pretty red packets! 

We invited Hendy over for reunion dinner because he didn't fly back to Indonesia. Wish government & private schools would grant foreigners longer holiday to spend more time with their family so that Singaporeans can ride on the wave and get longer CNY holidays too!

♥ My babies ♥

Chinese New Year ★ Day 1

It's a mandatory routine that we visit my 2nd aunt's place every 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year.

As years pass by, especially ever since my grandpa passed away, the number of visitors at my aunt's house during CNY has also decreased :'(

♥ *.* ♥

Not sure whose phone is this but the quality of the picture sure sucks.

We played our childhood board games, did stupid forfeits, ate CNY snacks, watched TV and took pictures.

Watched a korean show (Miracle in Cell No.7) with my cousins. It's about how this mentally challenged man tried to do CPR on this dying girl who was raped by another man but the police accused him for raping and killing the girl!!!!!!!!! It's also a comedy show so I laughed and cried a lot :'(

I was so tired at the end of the day because we didn't do much. I hate growing up. There were so much fun during CNY when we were younger because we didn't have smartphones to distract us :(

Tried new app~~~ 

Chinese New Year ★ Day 2

I woke up early to eat the muah chee my mum made and waited for Hendy to come to my house to wish my mum & dad :)

The two lovely kids, Jiaying & En (my mum used to babysit them) arrived at our house at 12, just in time for the lion dance :D

Can't stand the poor image quality from my sister's phone...

★ Family picture ★

After watching the lion dance performance, we went to my uncle's place at Siglap for steamboat and snacks!

We also visited my grandaunt and granduncle at Potong Pasir! 

The second last place to visit was another relative's house at Race Course Road :)

Finally, the last place to visit was my aunt's place. We went to my 2nd aunt's house again. I re explored the condo with Hendy and brought him to the swimming pool, playground, pond and basketball court because I spent most of my childhood there :')

I was too tired so I fell asleep in his arms for an hour before waking up for dinner at 9pm!
Love him so much I'm going crazy over him hehehehe~

In memory of my cousin who had to book in during CNY, so here is a picture with his campus superstar poster :)

Bird's nest from aunt!

Chinese New Year ★ Day 3

The third day of CNY was spent at my house. My sister invited her secondary school friends over and I invited two of my good friends in poly, Shannon & Yanxiu :) They are the first two friends (other than my bf) whom I invited over for CNY because I don't really like to be busy during the CNY period.

We played our childhood game like snake & ladder, etc :)

Yanxiu had to leave for chalet so they left just before the steamboat started. I ate with my cousin, aunts and bf. Yummy!!!!!!! Super shiok!!!!!!!!!

Zegna and Prada :D

With my baby girl in my kakak's room :D

I was barbecuing for my cousin who was in camp so my aunt can deliver it to him.

I need to rest now because my sinus is killing me! And I still have to study later :(

I hate sinus. I hate exams. I hate Cost & Managerial Accounting.

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