Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Last paper to freedom!!!

My boyfriend is coming to my house at 9am tomorrow because we are bringing my dogs out but it's 2.45am now and I can't sleep!!! I'm tired but my mind just doesn't want my body to rest. I'm physically but not mentally exhausted and this is weird because I just had two tests (Cost & Managerial Accounting/Final Theory Test) today. Well, technically, yesterday. 

Tuesday is going to be quite a long day for me because my boyfriend and I will be bringing my dogs out for a walk in the morning then we are going to deposit money in our saving account in the afternoon :) We will then part and he will go to school while I go to work :(

Cost & Managerial Accounting (CMA) Paper was a killer because whatever that has got to do with accounting, SUCKS. Seriously, I can't do accounting for nuts. I'm better at theory based modules because I believe that I can crap better than I calculate. I memorize sentences better than formulas and formats. Financial Management (FMGT) was pretty okay, because I like that module since the start of this semester :)

That aside, here are some songs in my playlist and they are few of my favourites:

I believe most of our parents/grandparents would know this song! This got to be my no.1 favourite rock song and it's one of my dad's favourite songs too v(^.^)v Songs in the 70s, 80s and 90s just sound better than any song these days! You just have to click the play button, download the song and listen to it whenever you feel like giving up on someone or something :)
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship

I heard this song on the cab (I love it when cab drivers listen to old songs) and I immediately fell in love with it because it made me feel so happy and relaxed and it still does now. I use my app Shazam to track the song and I managed to find it within seconds! Her voice is so amazing I could fell in love with her :')
Have You Ever Been Mellow - Olivia Newton John  

My boyfriend has introduced me some songs on his playlist. Here are some indonesian songs that I listen to when I study because I like it and I can't really sing it so I won't be distracted and start singing instead of studying. I listened to them so many times that I know the lyrics, though vaguely. (Baby, if you read this, please don't ask me start singing haha I don't want to make a fool out of myself :p)
Menghapus Jejakmu - Peterpan

Kesedihanku - Sammy Simorangkir

My helper recommended this song and I was like, "okay, so gonna download this."
Jodoh Pasti Bertemu - Afgan

I'm not that crazy over Big Bang now. Okay, I never was. But I still have to admit that this is my favourite song from Big Bang! ♥ I started accepting kpop because of this song, and of course Big Bang! (Top fews are Tonight, Last Farewell, Love Song, Haru Haru, Lies)
Blue - Big Bang 

Though they have disbanded and they're old and their looks have faded, they are still the young, handsome, charming and cool F4s in my heart. No other Taiwanese dramas can replace Meteor Garden!!!
绝不能失去你 - F4 

I love cantonese songs too! This is just one of the cantonese songs I really love, especially by our handsome Captain Cool, Julian Cheung ♥.♥
相爱无梦 - Julian Cheung

Wanted to blog longer but my mind and body are giving in now. Calls for a good rest (yeah, 4.5 hours of sleep probably isn't a good idea but I'm gonna study for Human Resource Management paper for the next few days so I'm grabbing every opportunity to do what I want, watch documentaries, spend time with my dogs, etc.)

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