Thursday, 27 February 2014

Marina Bay Sands: Premier Room ★

It was another impromptu stay over at Marina Bay Sands with my sister. It has been a long time since I stayed at Marina Bay Sands so I called dad to book a room for us! As it was a one night stay for the both of us only, I requested for a Deluxe Room.

Deluxe Room is the smallest room so I guessed it's cheaper but dad told me that the differential in prices between both rooms at that time was very minimal so he got us a slightly bigger room for our comfort :)


When I stay in the Rooms (and most hotels), I feel sick and couldn't stop sneezing. I found out from my friends (who are working at MBS) that the bed sheets are filled with dusts and it wasn't a good news for someone with SINUS like me :'(

♥ One thing I love about Marina Bay Sands is their bathrooms!!!!!!! ♥
And they have a least one bathtub in EVERY room/suite (Presidential Suite has 3!). I only use hotel bathtub in certain hotels.

The first thing I would do when I go to every hotel is to check their bathroom because it's the most important part of my stay in the hotel!

Anyone with the same pet peeve?

I persuaded mum to go to the gym with us but she didn't stay over :(

It was her first time at the gym and also her first time exercising with us :) We did some cardio at the cardio room before going to the weights room and lastly, sauna & steam bath!

Since there were only 3 of us, we decided to go for something simple, yummy and inexpensive (as compared to other restaurants/cafes in Marina Bay Sands) so we opted for the food court, 


I gave mum and sister a treat since it didn't cost more than $100!

Childhood drink :)

There's a variety of cuisines at Rasapura but our favourite stall is the Seafood BBQ stall.
My aunt brought us there once and since then, whenever we go to MBS in a group of two or three, we would order food from this stall.

I would recommend anyone who wishes to go for yummy and inexpensive food in Marina Bay Sands! It would be worth it if you go with your family :)

Here are our top favourites from the Seafood BBQ stall!

Accompanied by some healthy cucumbers, the sotongs were fried to perfection with a tinge of sweetness. It was also a lil spicy but it was manageable for us except my younger sister who can't eat spicy food.

I'm a fan of shellfish and I got to say this is one of the best dish I've eaten in a food court. The sauce had a mixture of sweetness and spiciness and I couldn't help but to serve over my rice :D

Being a Serangoon Gardener, I can tell you Chomp Chomp is OVER RATED. People go there for the name. I agree that the standards of the food in Chomp Chomp deserved 5 out of 5 stars in the past but over the years, standards have dropped.

The price of the stingray in Rasapura is slightly higher than that of Chomp Chomp but it is definitely more worth it.

The plan to chill at FUSE at night, failed (Wen, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. Next one will be a success.)

We had breakfast at The Club @ Marina Bay Sands.

Staying in Deluxe and Premier Room doesn't include complimentary breakfast at The Club but we still had our complimentary breakfast there because....... yeah

You can't expect a 100% good quality for complimentary food but we had to fill our stomach in the morning.

I am utterly disgusted by The Club's custard bun! I'm never going to get the custard bun again. It's cold and hard from the inside :(

It was a clear and beautiful morning at the Skypark before I left for home to my babies :)

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