Saturday, 22 February 2014

Marina Bay Sands: Presidential Suite (Part II) ★

★ Marina Bay Sands Staycation ★
Presidential Suite Part (I)
Presidential Suite Part (II)
Orchid Suite
Premier Room

 Blogged: Marina Bay Sands Presidential Suite (Part I) 

I have this habit of waking up early when I stay in hotels because I don't skip breakfast and I don't want to queue so this is right time to display the kiasu side of me :)

Anyway, I had to go to school for (Finance & International Trade) lecture and tutorial too.

6AM in the suite and I was the only one awake......

We can choose to enjoy our complimentary breakfast buffet on Sky on 57 or The Club @ Marina Bay Sands but my aunt and I chose Sky on 57 because it's exclusively for guests who stay in suites and of course, it is more spacious and not as crowded as The Club :)

Sky on 57 ★

★ Sauteed Mushrooms/Baked Beans/Hash Browns/Chicken Sausage ★

Start the day right with a bowl of congee :)

★ Eggs Benedict/Ham ★

★ Chocolate and Vanilla Muffins/Peach and Chocolate Tarts ★

The chauffeur sent me back to the hotel from school and I spent my afternoon in the suite, watching TV and singing in the karaoke room with my cousin! :)

Ready for afternoon/high tea at The Club @ Marina Bay Sands with my cousin and puppygirl ♥

The Club @ Marina Bay Sands ★

I wasn't pleased with the standard and variety of the food on that day. Alright, maybe the I'll give the cod fish some credits because it's sweet and the sauce was tad spicy which was to my liking :)

The standard of fried chicken wasn't bad as well because it's warm and tender. Besides that, everything else was just mediocre. Way below my expectation :(

★ Focaccia Bread/Parmesan Crackers ★
The bread was as cold and as hard as stone! The flavor of the parmesan cheese wasn't that strong as well.

We went back to the suite and sang karaoke again! A tai tai life like this is probably every woman's dream...... :)

I grew up listening to Michael Learns To Rock songs!!!!! v(♥.♥)v

Complimentary nyonya snacks from MBS for our break ★ We felt so pampered!!!!!!!

My relatives and sister's friends came over at night and I had few hours of peace before their "party" started :)

Two awesome nights in Marina Bay Sands Presidential Suite and there are few more rooms/suites to explore before I complete my checklist!

I have to study for my exams now so see you guys again in a bit!


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